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Women in Prison Project

About the Women in Prison Project

Created in 1991, the CA’s Women in Prison Project (WIPP) works to reduce the use of incarceration for women, ensure that prison conditions for women are as humane and just as possible, and create a criminal justice system that treats women and all people with fairness, dignity and justice.

WIPP’s work is guided by the principle that individuals directly affected by prison policies should be active participants and leaders in reform efforts. To this end, WIPP runs ReConnect, a leadership training program for formerly incarcerated women recently home from prison or jail, and offers a wide range of opportunities for program graduates and other formerly incarcerated women to become involved in the Project’s activities.

WIPP also coordinates the Coalition for Women Prisoners, a statewide alliance of formerly incarcerated women and other advocates working to make the criminal justice system more responsive to the rights and needs of women and their families. In partnership with the Coalition, WIPP carries out a strategic program to advocate for key policy and legislative reforms. WIPP’s main policy campaigns center on advancing reproductive justice for incarcerated women and transforming the criminal justice system’s response to domestic violence survivors who act to protect themselves.

Utilizing the CA’s unique legislative mandate to monitor prisons, WIPP conducts visits to and reports on conditions in New York State correctional facilities that house women. In addition to reporting on prison conditions, WIPP produces in-depth policy reports and a broad range of other advocacy materials, including fact sheets, briefing papers, and videos to support its policy agenda. WIPP also engages in community organizing, conducts public education and works with the media to raise awareness about critical issues facing incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women.

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