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Reproductive Injustice: The State of Reproductive Health Care for Women in New York State Prisons

Raise the Age for All Youth

New York is one of only two states where youth over the age of 15 are automatically prosecuted as and incarcerated alongside adults, regardless of the severity of their alleged offenses.


Building a Movement

Through coalition building and leadership training, the CA mobilizes individuals to advocate for change.

Informing the Debate

The CA researches key criminal justice issues, identifies abusive practices and educates the public about what goes on behind prison walls.

Advocating for Change

The CA presses policymakers to enact reforms to create a more fair, just and humane criminal justice system.

Shining a Light

As the only private organization in New York with a legislative mandate to monitor prisons, the CA investigates conditions inside prisons and issues reports on conditions of confinement.

Latest News

CA Joins with Statewide Advocates to Urge End to Solitary Confinement in NYS Prisons

On Wednesday, April 22, the CA  gathered with other members of the New York Campaign Against Inhumane Confinement (CAIC) in Albany  for the CAIC 2015 Advocacy Day devoted to challenging a policy that currently affects 3,800 incarcerated individuals in New York State.  In addition, the Campaign sought to  bring attention to the issue of solitary confinement in New York State prisons, and to urge lawmakers to significantly restrict its use.Read More

Saving New Yorkers Money By Turning on the TAP for Learning

Currently, there is a ban in New York State  on incarcerated people receiving financial  assistance from the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) to pursue higher education while in prison.  In this blog, penned on April 17 by the CA's Executive Director Soffiyah Elijah,  she describes the myriad benefits of restoring TAP for people who are incarcerated in New York State prisons.Read More

“The kids aren’t all right”

n this timely and insightful piece in The Hill on March 11 by the CA's Gabrielle Horowitz-Prisco, Director of the Juvenile Justice Project, and Sarah Bryer, Director of the National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN), the authors lay out a cogent and fact-based case for why there needs to be significant change in our youth justice system.Read More

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