Raise the Age for All Youth

New York is one of only two states where youth over the age of 15 are automatically prosecuted as and incarcerated alongside adults, regardless of the severity of their alleged offenses.


Building a Movement

Through coalition building and leadership training, the CA mobilizes individuals to advocate for change.

Informing the Debate

The CA researches key criminal justice issues, identifies abusive practices and educates the public about what goes on behind prison walls.

Advocating for Change

The CA presses policymakers to enact reforms to create a more fair, just and humane criminal justice system.

Shining a Light

As the only private organization in New York with a legislative mandate to monitor prisons, the CA investigates conditions inside prisons and issues reports on conditions of confinement.

Latest News

CA Demands Better Care for People with Mental Health Needs in the State Prison System

The Correctional Association of NY testified on November 13 before the New York State Assembly’s Committees on Correction and Mental Health, demanding state officials to improve care for people with mental health needs. Based on the CA’s unique statutory authority to visit New York’s prisons and its advocacy on behalf of people with mental health needs, the CA provided comprehensive testimony about the barriers to quality prison mental health care and recommendations for fundamental change.Read More

Suicide Rate 60% Higher in New York State Prisons

Through prison monitoring and research, the Correctional Association plays a critical role in exposing abuse and ensuring that people behind bars are treated with dignity and respect. Using its unique access to prisons, the CA has long monitored conditions for people with mental illness inside New York correctional facilities. Suicide Rates in NYS Prisons 2007-mid-2013 In a recent review of data since 2000, the CA found evidence suggesting New York is not doing enough to address suicide and self-harm among its incarcerated population.Read More

CA Participates in Review of U.S. Human Rights Record

Next week a committee of human rights experts at the United Nations will convene a formal review of the United States’ record on torture. Taking place on November 12 and 13 in Geneva, Switzerland, the review will look at whether the federal government is sufficiently living up to the Convention Against Torture (CAT), a global treaty that outlines specific measures for governments to take in preventing torture or any type of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment.Read More

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