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CANY in the news

CANY in the News

Commentary: “The Medieval World of Incarceration,” letter to the editor from CANY Executive Director Jennifer Scaife in The Atlantic

“A Better Return for Older Prisoners,” in US News & World Report

Commentary: “Shine a Light on Prisons,” letter to the editor from CANY Executive Director Jennifer Scaife in the New York Times

Commentary: “Demand transparency about what happens in prisons,” op-ed from CANY Executive Director Jennifer Scaife in the Albany Times Union

“The Tragedy of Mental Illness in American Prisons,” in The Atlantic

“Advocates campaign against solitary confinement in Eltingville with makeshift cell,” in The Staten Island Advance

“U.S. imprisons too many people,” guest commentary from James Connelly in the Adirondack Daily Express

“Release prisoners from solitary: This is psychological torture any way you put it,” guest commentary from Roger Clark in the New York Daily News

“Just Treatment: Exploring Cancer Care for Prisoners,” in Cure Today

“Empty Cribs in Prison Nurseries,” in Type Investigations

“Cameras Actually Tamed Attica, the Brutal Prison I Used to Call Home,” in Vice

”The Prosecution of Noor Salman, Pulse Shooter’s Widow, Highlights the Criminalization of Domestic Abuse Survivors,” in The Intercept

“Make no mistake, solitary confinement is torture,” guest commentary from Erika Bryant in the Democrat and Chronicle

“Tampons in the mail? Just the beginning of the change we need,” guest commentary from Anushay Hossain on

“Solitary at Southport” on WBAI’s The Count (audio)

“Prison Contraband Seizures Up, Guards Say More Can Be Done,” in U.S. News and World Report

“Cuomo’s prison package crackdown is suspended,” in the Albany Times Union

“NY book ban to make prisons “safer” draws backlash,” in the HuffPost

“All They Want for Christmas Is a Limit on Solitary Confinement,” in The Nation


CANY’s Research and Reports


Fact Sheet: Women’s Incarceration: the experience in New York’s prisons


Issue Brief: People incarcerated in New York’s prisons: population profile and recent trends

Fact Sheet: Systemic issues with New York’s parole release process

Fact Sheet: Key health needs and challenges in New York’s prisons

Fact Sheet: Solitary confinement in New York’s prisons

Voices of Women in Isolated Confinement in New York’s Prisons


Solitary at Southport: Data Analysis, Observations and First Hand Accounts of Solitary Confinement at one of New York’s Supermax Prisons


First-Hand Accounts from People Incarcerated at Clinton Correctional Facility


Reproductive Injustice in New York’s Prisons

Prison Monitoring Report: Clinton Correctional Facility

HIV Services for Women in New York’s Prisons


Prison Monitoring Report: Attica Correctional Facility

Prison Monitoring Report: Greene Correctional Facility


Women and the Search for Housing after Incarceration

Prison Monitoring Report: Woodbourne Correctional Facility

Evidence to Support Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility


Policy Paper Outlining Recommendations to Improve Youth Justice

Prison Monitoring Report: Groveland Correctional Facility

Prison Monitoring Report: Fishkill Correctional Facility

Overview of Educational and Vocational Programming in New York’s Prisons


Substance Abuse Treatment in New York’s Prisons: 2007 - 2010

Reentry Programs in New York State

Post-Conviction Barriers for Defendants Who Are Survivors of Domestic Violence

Prison Monitoring Report: Auburn Correctional Facility


Proposals to Close Prisons, Cut Budgets and Build Communities


Healthcare in New York’s Prisons: 2004 - 2007

Benefits of Higher Education in New York’s Prisons


Policy Paper Urging Repeal of the Rockefeller Drug Laws


Policy Paper Outlining Key Criminal Justice Issues in the 21st Century

Policy Paper Outlining Proposals for Juvenile Justice Reform in New York

Juvenile Justice Resource Guide

Fact Sheet: Women HIV and Hep C


Fact Sheet: Women, Incarceration, Reentry and HIV

Collision of the Child Welfare System and the Incarceration of Mothers


State of New York’s Prisons: 2002 - 2003


Policy Paper Outlining Reasons to Close the Spofford Youth Jail

Mental Healthcare in New York’s Prisons


Disciplinary Lockdown in New York’s Prisons


State of New York’s Prisons: 1998 - 2001

Policy Paper Outlining Proposals to Rethink Juvenile Detention in New York


Judges Speak Out against Rockefeller Drug Laws


Healthcare in New York’s Prisons

Case Histories of Women Incarcerated under the Rockefeller Drug Laws