The failures of mass incarceration are most visible far from the public eye.

As the only independent organization in New York with a legally protected right to enter and inspect prisons and confidentially communicate with incarcerated people about their experiences, thoughts and ideas, we create a platform those most affected by incarceration to directly shape the public debate.


Partnering directly with people inside

There is no better source for what is happening in prisons that the people incarcerated within them. These direct reports fuel our work to reform the system, because by changing what happens inside prisons we can build a better society for everyone.

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Addressing the most urgent threats

When government systems fall short, people suffer. Through extensive data collection and conversations with those inside, we shape the immediate next steps we need to take to address suffering and move toward the system we want.

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Tackling the tough work of culture change

What happens inside prisons affects everyone inside — both those incarcerated and those serving as officers and staff. The impact spills over to families and friends, then to entire communities.

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Pressing the big questions

We believe that what happens in prisons often reflects failures outside them. The more we strip away from the era of mass incarceration, the closer we get to the fundamental questions about why we incarcerate at all.

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