The Correctional Association of New York has been working to protect human rights and bring humanity to the criminal justice system for over 17 decades. We are proud of our history, our accomplishments, our perseverance.

And we are grateful for the privilege of working with our friends, allies, supporters, and mostCANY Holiday Cocktail Party 2015 importantly, those are directly impacted by incarceration, to make meaningful, just, and lasting change.

As the holidays quickly approach, please take a moment to join us and RSVP for December 3rd at the Hudson Hotel, as we celebrate the CA’s 171st birthday.

We will honor Tom Robbins, whose hard-hitting New York Times exposés have amplified our voice and raised the CA’s profile in the media this year.

This season is a time for reflection, and hope for better things. Help us raise hopes that human rights abuses in New York state prisons will come to an end.

We hope to see you at this very special gathering of our supporters.

RSVP today and help advance the CA’s mission in the year ahead. 

For more information, email us at