Austin Lukondi – Research Associate

Austin Lukondi began working as a Research Associate for CANY in August 2019. Prior to coming to CANY,  Austin worked as a Research Assistant for Jefferson County Public Schools in Colorado, where he worked on and led a number of research projects concerning educational access, equity, and opportunity in Title I schools across the district. He is passionate about using research as a vehicle to center the voices of marginalized people and has also conducted research on and advocated for the rights of LGBTQ students in Colorado schools. While Austin is interested in reimagining the justice system at-large, he is particularly passionate about researching and advocating for incarcerated youth and LGBTQ populations.  

Austin holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Colorado College, where he graduated with distinction and studied Sociology and Education and minored in Race and Ethnic Studies. 


Phillip Miller – Associate Director of Policy

Phil Miller is an advocate for positive change no matter the context. He has extensive experience working with at-risk youth in an effort to help them avoid making decisions that could lead to incarceration. For people whose decisions have already led to incarceration, Phil strongly believes that college and theater programs inside of prisons, along with supportive reentry services on the outside, can provide the foundation they need to change their lives. 

He was a litigation paralegal for many years, working on legal issues related to prison conditions and criminal defense, and he has worked most recently at the Legal Action Center assisting individuals who experience employment and housing discrimination as a result of their criminal histories.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications from Baruch College; he speaks four languages; and when he’s not working he enjoys tango and photography.


Evan Misshula – Associate Director of Research

Evan Misshula is the Associate Director of Research. He previously held senior quantitative positions in Data Justice Collaborative and Criminal Justice Agency, non-profits assessing the impact of policing, jails and prisons. Immediately prior to coming to the Correctional Association, Evan held a position as Senior Data analyst for the NYC Criminal Justice Agency where he worked on projects to assess the causal affect of detention on the probability of pleading guilty and minimum sentence length.

Evan is an adjunct lecturer in the department of Math and Computer Science at CUNY John Jay where he teaches Programming Languages for Computer Science Majors. He has also be taught statistics to NYPD Executive Officers (Captains and higher ranked officers) in John Jay’s NYPD Executive MA Program in Criminal Justice. He is a PhD student in Criminal Justice at the CUNY Graduate Center. He has won fellowships from the CUNY Graduate Center, the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne.

Evan Misshula holds a BA in Economics and Mathematics and a BS Applied Math (Operations Research) from Yale University. In addition to his work at the CUNY Graduate Center where he became ABD in 2014, Evan has also attended graduate courses in Mathematics and Computer Science at Columbia University and the SUNY Stony Brook. Evan's technical interests include reproducible research, open science and functional programming. In addition to prison conditions and prisoner reentry, he is passionate about economic mobility, student debt and bankruptcy reform.


Tyrrell Muhammad – Monitoring Associate

Tyrrell Muhammad works on all aspects of the organization’s prison monitoring. He is also a founding member of the New York chapter of the Campaign for Alternatives to Isolated Confinement (CAIC), a national effort to reduce the excessive use of isolated confinement in prisons, jails and detention centers. Muhammad is also a founding member of Release Aging People from Prison or RAPP.

Muhammad’s experience and expertise is featured in The Marshall Project’s Emmy-nominated documentary We are Witnesses and Bill Moyers’ RIKERS: AN AMERICAN JAIL. In addition to his work at CANY, Muhammad serves as Chief Consultant for Force One International Security, and he actively mentors formerly incarcerated men and women in his community with the community reintegration process.

Muhammad earned his Bachelor of Arts from Syracuse University in 1988 and Master’s Degree from New York Theological Seminary in 2004, while serving 26 years and 11 months of a 20 years to life prison sentence.


Jennifer Scaife – Executive Director

Jennifer Scaife joined the Correctional Association of New York as Executive Director in 2018. She previously held leadership positions in local government and in the nonprofit sector, with experience working in prisons, jails, juvenile detention facilities, and community corrections agencies. Jennifer began her career in criminal justice reform as Program Director of the Prison University Project and later as the Director of the Reentry Division at the San Francisco Adult Probation Department. Just prior to joining CANY, she was Executive Director of Prevention, Diversion and Reintegration at the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, where she developed services for justice-involved New Yorkers.

Jennifer holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Indiana University Bloomington, a Master of Arts from Hollins University, and a Bachelor’s degree from the College of William and Mary in Virginia.