Activist Check-In Podcast: Raise the Age with Angelo Pinto

In New York State, 16 and 17-year-olds arrested or detained can be sent to adult prisons and jails. Despite multiple studies that show a teenager’s brain functions are not fully developed, our state insists on charging young people like adults, creating a generation of over-incarcerated youth in New York. We sat down to speak with Justice League Member, Angelo Pinto about the campaign to raise the age.Read More

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The Voices Drove Him to Prison, the Prison Drove Him to Suicide

Fishkill is supposed to take care of mentally ill people like Ben, who was locked up as a schizophrenic teen. It turned out to be a death sentence. Benjamin Van Zandt’s hellish odyssey through New York’s criminal justice system began when the voices inside his head compelled him to light a neighbor’s house on fire.Read More

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Cuomo appoints panel to examine youth sentencing system

The commission, which will have until the end of the year to form its recommendations, is co-chaired by Soffiyah Elijah, executive director of the Correctional Association of New York, and Jeremy Creelan, a partner at the law firm Jenner & Block and a former special counsel to Cuomo.Read More



Correctional Association Executive Director Elijah Named Co-Chair of Governor’s Commission to Raise the Age

CA Executive Director to co-lead state commission, announced in Governor Cuomo's 2014 State of the State Address in January, tasked with providing a blueprint for raising the age of criminal responsibility (the age at which youth are treated as adults in the justice system) and other reforms aimed at improving youth outcomes and public safety.Read More



Juvenile Justice Is Taking a Positive Trajectory – Will it Be Hurt by Harsh Gun Laws?

Pinto and the Correctional Association are one of the groups at the forefront of a "raise the age" bill in New York State, which would mandate that 16- and 17-year-olds would be tried in juvenile courts, regardless of their crime.Read More



Correctional Association, Now a Producer of a Lament Against the Police

It’s not every day that you see the Correctional Association of New York listed among the producers of an Off Off Broadway show, much less a truly polished, meaningful and entertaining one. But there it is on the program of “Lyrics From Lockdown,” right below the National Black Theater and right above the father-and-daughter team Harry and Gina Belafonte. Read More



NYS Joint Legislative Budget Hearing – Human Services: February 5, 2013

Gabrielle Horowitz-Prisco, director of the Correctional Association's Juvenile Justice Project, testified before the New York State Legislature on the Governor’s proposed budget for 2013-2014.Read More

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Why are New York’s youth being locked up like adults?

New York is one of just two states in the country that treats 16-year-olds as adults in the criminal justice system. Read More



Panel on Solitary Confinement and Youth in Adult Prisons

Jack Beck will join expert panelists in the field of criminal justice to discuss the use of solitary confinement for youth in adult prisons in New York.Read More



The Intersection of Mental Health and Juvenile Justice for NYC Youth

Gabrielle Prisco will co-lead a break-out session on the age of criminal responsibility in New York State, including recent advocacy and legislative efforts to change New York State laws. Read More