EXCLUSIVE: Gov. Cuomo proposes reduction in visitation days for inmates at state’s maximum security prisons

ALBANY – Inmates at the state’s maximum security prisons are facing fewer visits from people on the outside under a proposal by Gov. Cuomo. Cuomo in his budget plan unveiled last week tucked in a plan to reduce the number of days in which visits are allowed at maximum-security state prisons to three days a week, down from seven.Read More

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For Women, a Cheaper, Better Alternative to Prison

Here’s a riddle: Would you rather pay $10 dollars, one time, or $11, repeatedly, for the rest of your life? Anessa Rabbit (photo: Andrea Morales for the NYT) If you chose the first option, you acted logically. If you chose the second option, you acted the way the United States government acts when it imprisons female drug addicts.Read More

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Girls Fare Better in Open-Door Justice Programs

If a girl in New York State gets arrested by the police and winds up in a juvenile detention facility her horizons quickly close in. Just ask Marsha Weissman, executive director of a group called the Center for Community Alternatives, which has locations in New York City, Syracuse and Rochester. “Our work with adult women .Read More

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Deprived of Care, Incarcerated Women Suffer Miscarriages, Stillbirths, Ectopic Pregnancies

On the morning of September 11, 2011, Krystal Moore thought she was dying. Sharp pain stabbed at her stomach, so much so that she curled up into a fetal position on her bed. She didn’t know what was happening. Though she was pregnant, she was only six months along, not nearly ready to give birth.Read More

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