Making Youth Homes Secure

Aaron Jefferson’s death, allegedly caused by a youth missing from a Close to Home facility, is tragic. Calls for change, while important, should focus on ensuring the essential spirit of Close to Home — serving kids close to their families — is maintained, and that we do not revert to a punitive model.Read More



Another Chance for Mone’t

The Close to Home Initiative gives New York City’s young people, like Mone’t, 17, local options for rehabilitation.Read More



NYS Joint Legislative Budget Hearing – Human Services: February 5, 2013

Gabrielle Horowitz-Prisco, director of the Correctional Association's Juvenile Justice Project, testified before the New York State Legislature on the Governor’s proposed budget for 2013-2014.Read More

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Close to Home Initiative

The CA has, for many years, advocated for keeping children in custody closer to their homes and communities. We have also long advocated for ensuring that all youth justice programs and facilities, regardless of who operates them, promote positive outcomes while keeping youth and communities safe. The Close to Home Initiative (CTHI) represents a unique and powerful opportunity to re-create the youth justice system for New York City’s youth and communities. Details of the plan are, however, of paramount importance.Read More