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Attica State Prison

Attica Correctional Facility, a 2,000-bed maximum security prison in western New York, continues to operate as a symbolic and real epicenter of state violence and abuse of incarcerated persons in the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) state prison system 43 years after the 1971 prison uprising and violent suppression by state authorities. Read More


Auburn Correctional Facility

Auburn was the first prison to implement the “Auburn System,” a system of incarceration in which incarcerated people worked in groups during the day, were housed in solitary cells during the night, and lived in enforced silence. Today, Auburn Correctional Facility operates as a maximum security, DOCCS-operated prison for men ages 21 and older.Read More


Drop The Rock Advocacy in Albany 2010

NYC youth attend Advocacy Day in Albany to speak out against the Rockefeller Drug Laws and advocate for less spending on incarceration and more spending on education.Read More


CA Bulletin: Spring 2011

In this issue; Welcoming Soffiyah Elijah to the CA; Treatment Behind Bars: New report from the Prison Visiting Project; 300 advocates take on Albany—Advocacy Day 2011Read More


Treatment Behind Bars: Substance Abuse Treatment in New York State Prisons, 2007-2010

A comprehensive review of New York's prison-based substance abuse treatment programs. Read More


Substance Abuse Treatment in New York Prisons

Effective in-prison treatment programs go beyond the recovery of individual participants to enhance the quality of life within a prison and improve public health and safety outside its walls.Read More


CA Bulletin: Winter 2010

In this issue; Crisis in the Juvenile Prisons; CA 2010 Policy Agenda; Drop the Rock Advocacy DayRead More


Analysis of Rockefeller Drug Law Reform Bill

PROS Restores judicial discretion for broad categories of individuals charged with drug offenses, including many second felony drug offenders. As an estimate, between 45 – 55% of the drug offenders currently confined in New York’s prisons – from about 5400 to 6600 people – would have been eligible for judicial diversion at sentencing.Read More


Transcript of Panel Discussion on the Rockefeller Drug Laws

Rev. Calvin Butts, Assemblyman Jeff Aubry, Manhattan District Attorney Bridget Brennan, and CA Executive Director Robert Gangi participate in a panel called Drugs and The Law: Race, Politics, Prisons and Justice in New York State.Read More


Testimony on Prison Substance Abuse Treatment

Testimony by Shayna Kessler, Prison Visiting Project Associate The Correctional Association of New York Before the Assembly Committee on Codes, the Assembly Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and the Assembly Committee on Corrections.Read More