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10 Things You Need to Know About Brutality and Abuse at Clinton C.F.

The Correctional Association of NY conducted in depth interviews with 30 people currently incarcerated at Clinton on August 19 and 20, 2015, and corresponded with many more people held at the prison over the last few months. The information reported provides further confirmation of both extensive staff brutality in the aftermath of the June escape from Clinton, as reported by the New York Times; and longstanding and pervasive staff violence and abuse  at Clinton, as last documented by the CA’s October 2014 report.Read More


Auburn Correctional Facility

Auburn was the first prison to implement the “Auburn System,” a system of incarceration in which incarcerated people worked in groups during the day, were housed in solitary cells during the night, and lived in enforced silence. Today, Auburn Correctional Facility operates as a maximum security, DOCCS-operated prison for men ages 21 and older.Read More


When the Cure Makes You Ill: Seven Core Principles to Change the Course of Youth Justice

Our current youth justice system “systematically fails young people, their families, crime victims, and public safety, often at exorbitant taxpayer cost,” writes Gabrielle Prisco, director of the Correctional Association’s Juvenile Justice Project. Prisco’s article, When the Cure Makes You Ill: Seven Core Principles to Change the Course of Youth Justice, outlines seven principles necessary to transform the youth justice system, beginning with principle one: treat children as children.Read More


Drop The Rock Advocacy in Albany 2010

NYC youth attend Advocacy Day in Albany to speak out against the Rockefeller Drug Laws and advocate for less spending on incarceration and more spending on education.Read More


The elderly and aging in prison

Over the past decade the overall population in New York State prisons has decreased by over 20% -- but the number of incarcerated individuals ages 50 and over has increased by 64%.Read More



Senator Declares “Desperate Need for DVSJA”

Legislators respond to the award-winning film "Crime After Crime" and encourage advocates to act in support of the DVSJA. Read More


Senator Declares “Desperate Need for DVSJA”

On January 19th at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, legislators and advocates viewed Crime After Crime. The co-sponsors of the DVSJA gave inspiring speeches and encouraged advocates to act now. Jesenia Santana from STEPS to End Family Violence explained how to get involved in the DVSJA Campaign and the real need for the proposed legislation.Read More


From Protection to Punishment: Post-Conviction Barriers to Justice for Domestic Violence Survivor-Defendants in New York State

The Correctional Association of New York's Women in Prison Project released From Protection to Punishment alongside the Avon Global Center for Women and Justice at Cornell Law School. The report finds that domestic violence and women's incarceration are inextricably linked, and outlines myriad barriers to justice faced by survivors who act to protect themselves from an abuser's violence face, including: overly restrictive mandatory sentencing statutes, limited access to alternative-to-incarceration programs, restrictions on merit time and work release programs in prison, and obstacles to making parole and receiving clemency.Read More


Youth in Confinement

OCFS: the Basics In the state of New York, children who are under the age of 16 at the time of arrest are considered juveniles. The Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) is the agency responsible for the incarceration or placement of juveniles. New York is one of two states where the legal upper age for juveniles is 15.Read More


Time’s Up for New York Prisons: Proposals to Close Prisons, Cut Costs, and Build Communities

For over the past decade, New York has seen a dramatic decrease in crime and incarceration rates. Our state is now uniquely positioned to implement sweeping criminal justice reforms, creating a model for other states to rethink and replace antiquated, ineffective and costly punishment practices.Time's Up for New York Prisons presents the statewide advocacy agenda of the Correctional Association of New York's Drop the Rock Campaign. This policy paper outlines six major strategies for reducing incarceration, saving critically needed tax dollars and reinvesting constructively in our disadvantaged communities.Read More