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When the Cure Makes You Ill: Seven Core Principles to Change the Course of Youth Justice

Our current youth justice system “systematically fails young people, their families, crime victims, and public safety, often at exorbitant taxpayer cost,” writes Gabrielle Prisco, director of the Correctional Association’s Juvenile Justice Project. Prisco’s article, When the Cure Makes You Ill: Seven Core Principles to Change the Course of Youth Justice, outlines seven principles necessary to transform the youth justice system, beginning with principle one: treat children as children.Read More


CA Bulletin: Summer 2012

In this issue; The Close to Home Initiative: youth leaders speak out; The Prison Rape Elimination Act; Welcome to CA’s new staff and board membersRead More


CA Bulletin: Summer 2009

In this issue; Full update on the Rockefeller Drug Law reformsRead More


CA Bulletin: Fall 2007

In this issue; Victory: healthcare coverage for people leaving prison; Advances in Treatment for incarcerated individuals with mental illness; Safe harbor for exploited childrenRead More


CA Bulletin: Spring 2007

In this issue; The Juvenile Justice Project at 10: A Look Back and Forward; Safe Passages: the CA’s Unique New Program; Prison Visiting Project Launches Substance Abuse Treatment Study; Public Forum Addresses Future of Criminal Justice PolicyRead More


Transgender Issues and the Criminal Justice System

Transgender Issues and the Criminal Justice System What is “transgender”? The term “transgender” describes people who understand or express their gender differently than what society expects based on the gender they were assigned at birth. This term includes people who change from one gender to another, people who express different gender characteristics, and people whose gender expression cannot be clearly defined as “masculine” or “feminine.” What is “transition”?Read More


CA Bulletin: Spring 2006

In this issue; Jack testifies on the National Stage; Prison through the lens of gender; The end of ATD may bode well for Juvenile JusticeRead More


LGBT Youth in Detention: Myth and Reality

Myth #1: “Adolescents are too young to know that they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.” Reality: A research study of lesbian, gay, bisexual youth found that the average age of awareness about sexual orientation was 10.1 The average age that youth first disclosed their sexual orientation was 14.2 Myth #2 “LGBT youth are manipulative.” Reality: Individuals who are targeted for abuse and harassment have to find ways to protect themselves.Read More

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