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Ending the barbaric practice of shackling incarcerated pregnant women

Watch the Correctional Association’s video about the barbaric – and illegal – shackling of incarcerated women during childbirth. In 2009 New York enacted a statute restricting the use of shackles on women during childbirth. The law bans outright the use of restraints on women throughout labor, delivery and recovery “after giving birth,” which is meant to cover at least the duration of a woman’s stay at the hospital. Read More


Auburn Correctional Facility

Auburn was the first prison to implement the “Auburn System,” a system of incarceration in which incarcerated people worked in groups during the day, were housed in solitary cells during the night, and lived in enforced silence. Today, Auburn Correctional Facility operates as a maximum security, DOCCS-operated prison for men ages 21 and older.Read More


Soffiyah Elijah on WBAI’s “On the Count”

CA executive director Soffiyah Elijah hosts a two hour special of Eddie Ellis' show, On the Count, in celebration of Women's History month.Read More


CA Bulletin: Fall 2009

In this issue; Unshackling pregnant women; Major prison healthcare victory; New direction for Drop the RockRead More


Women Prisoners and HIV

Incarcerated Women & HIV/Hepatitis C Fact Sheet HIV/AIDS.Read More


CA Bulletin: Winter 2009

In this issue; CA Reports on Prison Healthcare; Prison Downsizing Campaign Announced; Domestic Violence Documentary PremieredRead More


Healthcare in New York Prisons 2004-2007

In 2009, PVP published Healthcare in New York Prisons, 2004-2007 at the request of the New York State Assembly's Health and Corrections Committees. The comprehensive report is based on information gathered during 19 monitoring visits and notes administrative factors that can negatively affect care, such as vacancies and low salaries of medical personnel. It also makes concrete recommendations for improvement.Read More


CA Bulletin: Fall 2007

In this issue; Victory: healthcare coverage for people leaving prison; Advances in Treatment for incarcerated individuals with mental illness; Safe harbor for exploited childrenRead More


Addressing Key Criminal Justice Issues in the 21st Century

This special report presents some of the Correctional Association's top reform proposals for the state's administration to consider, as well as the benefits they could provide for both the communities most heavily impacted by incarceration and for society as a whole.Read More


Women, Incarceration, Reentry and HIV

An overwhelming majority of incarcerated women living with HIV and HCV or who are at high risk for HIV and HCV eventually return home and resume their various roles in society. Such women will remain at high risk unless they receive appropriate interventions and services inside correctional facilities and during the reentry process.Read More