Upstate Correctional Facility

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Upstate Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison for men located in Malone, New York, was constructed in 1999 to house inmates sentenced to disciplinary segregation or Special Housing Units (SHUs) for violating prison rules. Its modern structure consists of cells designed to limit contact between inmates and staff, with solid steel doors, recreation pens attached to the back of each cell that can be opened remotely by staff, as well as remotely operated showers. The cells, which measure 105 square feet, are designed to house two inmates who share a small table, a shower and a toilet, although some inmates are housed alone. On the day of our visit, Upstate had 1,216 inmates, 918 of whom were in disciplinary confinement and 298 who worked in the prison’s Cadre, performing tasks such as maintenance and food preparation for the prison. According to Superintendent Robert Woods, inmates in disciplinary segregation are most commonly sentenced to Upstate for misbehavior reports relating to drug use or possession.

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