Transgender Issues and the Criminal Justice System

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Transgender Issues and the Criminal Justice System
What is “transgender”?
The term “transgender” describes people who understand or express their gender differently than what society expects based on the gender they were assigned at birth. This term includes people who change from one gender to another, people who express different gender characteristics, and people whose gender expression cannot be clearly defined as “masculine” or “feminine.”

What is “transition”?
Gender transition refers to the process that some transgender people go through in changing from one gender to another. This process can include going by a new name, using a new pronoun, and/or changing appearance. For some people, these changes include using medical care such as
hormone therapy or surgical intervention (which is less common) to masculinize or feminize the body. Others accomplish these changes only by presenting themselves differently.

What should I call a transgender person?
Transgender people should always be called by the name they choose, even if their records still say their old name. They should also always be called by the pronoun they want to use. Transgender women should be called “she/her” and transgender men should be called “he/him.”

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