The State of Black America

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Soffiyah Elijah on KPFA Oct 15, 2012

Soffiyah Elijah appeared on “The State of Black America,” a special three hour program hosted by Walter Turner and Gregg Bridges that examines the challenges and opportunities facing the African American Community .  The broadcast originally aired on Monday, October 15 from 7pm-10pm on KPFA Radio 94.1 FM/ Africa Today.

Africa Today is a weekly news program providing information and analysis about Africa and the African Diaspora. Africa Today seeks to update listeners on contemporary developments in Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and the United States. The program utilizes an interview and discussion format to explore political, social, economic, and cultural themes relative to the African experience.

Host Walter Turner is a Professor of History and Chairperson of the Social Sciences Department at the College of Marin in Kentfield, California, instructing courses in United States History, African History, and African American History. Turner is also President of the Board of Directors of Global Exchange, and is an African News analyst for Pacifica Radio Station KPFA.