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Youth in Confinement

OCFS: the Basics In the state of New York, children who are under the age of 16 at the time of arrest are considered juveniles. The Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) is the agency responsible for the incarceration or placement of juveniles. New York is one of two states where the legal upper age for juveniles is 15.Read More


CA Bulletin: Fall 2010

In this issue; A Fair Chance for Families Separated by Prison; 1844 Medal and Art for Justice Benefit; Spotlight on Juvenile Justice ProjectRead More


CA Bulletin: Winter 2010

In this issue; Crisis in the Juvenile Prisons; CA 2010 Policy Agenda; Drop the Rock Advocacy DayRead More


Juvenile Detention in New York City

On any given day, hundreds of youth under the age of 16 are incarcerated in the New York City Department of Juvenile Justice's (DJJ) three youth jails: the Horizons, Crossroads, and Bridges (aka Spofford) juvenile detention centers. The majority of the young people locked up in these secure detention centers are charged with non-violent, low-level offenses and do not pose any threat to public safety.Read More


CA Bulletin: Summer 2009

In this issue; Full update on the Rockefeller Drug Law reformsRead More


CA Bulletin: Winter 2009

In this issue; CA Reports on Prison Healthcare; Prison Downsizing Campaign Announced; Domestic Violence Documentary PremieredRead More


CA Bulletin: Spring 2008

In this issue; Prison report on healthcare; Laura Davidson honored; WIPP premieres "Strength of a Woman"Read More


CA Bulletin: Fall 2007

In this issue; Victory: healthcare coverage for people leaving prison; Advances in Treatment for incarcerated individuals with mental illness; Safe harbor for exploited childrenRead More


CA Bulletin: Spring 2007

In this issue; The Juvenile Justice Project at 10: A Look Back and Forward; Safe Passages: the CA’s Unique New Program; Prison Visiting Project Launches Substance Abuse Treatment Study; Public Forum Addresses Future of Criminal Justice PolicyRead More


Addressing Key Criminal Justice Issues in the 21st Century

This special report presents some of the Correctional Association's top reform proposals for the state's administration to consider, as well as the benefits they could provide for both the communities most heavily impacted by incarceration and for society as a whole.Read More