Showing Resources in Substance Abuse and Incarceration


CA Bulletin: Winter 2009

In this issue; CA Reports on Prison Healthcare; Prison Downsizing Campaign Announced; Domestic Violence Documentary PremieredRead More


Women in Prison and Substance Abuse Fact Sheet

Women in Prison and Substance Abuse Fact Sheet.Read More


The Campaign to Repeal the Rockefeller Drug Laws

Enacted in 1973, when Nelson Rockefeller was Governor of New York State, the Rockefeller Drug Laws require harsh prison terms for the possession or sale of relatively small amounts of drugs. The penalties apply without regard to the circumstances of the offense or the individual's character or background, so whether the person is a first-time or repeat offender is irrelevant.Read More


CA Bulletin: Spring 2007

In this issue; The Juvenile Justice Project at 10: A Look Back and Forward; Safe Passages: the CA’s Unique New Program; Prison Visiting Project Launches Substance Abuse Treatment Study; Public Forum Addresses Future of Criminal Justice PolicyRead More


Addressing Key Criminal Justice Issues in the 21st Century

This special report presents some of the Correctional Association's top reform proposals for the state's administration to consider, as well as the benefits they could provide for both the communities most heavily impacted by incarceration and for society as a whole.Read More