Showing Resources in HIV and Healthcare in Prison


Testimony on Prison Healthcare

Testimony by Jennifer Wynn, Director, Prison Visiting Project At the Correctional Association of New York on Prison Health Care before the Health and Corrections Committees of the New York State Assembly. Ms. Wynn highlights four key deficiencies in medical care that have emerged from interviews with inmates and staff conducted over the past two years.Read More


Healthcare in New York State Prisons

An in-depth study of the quality of health care in New York State prisons Healthcare is based on information gathered over the course of 25 site visits to 22 New York prisons, representing all levels of security and including both men's and women's facilities. Interviews were conducted with over 1,300 prisoners, approximately 100 prison medical personnel, several former New York State prison physicians, as well as lawyers and experts in correctional health care. Findings from the research revealed a mixed picture: Significant improvements have been made in recent years, in some cases producing dramatic results; however, systemic problems continue to compromise the delivery of prisoner health care.Read More