Correctional Association “On the Count” broadcast

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Eddie Rosario of the Prison Visiting Project and Correctional Association executive director Soffiyah Elijah guest host at “On the Count”

Listen in as the Correctional Association’s Executive Director Soffiyah Elijah serves as the quarterly guest host of On the Count: The Prison and Criminal Justice Report.

Elijah’s guest this week is Eddie Rosario, an Associate Director at the Correctional Association’s Prison Visiting Project.

Since January 2012, the Prison Visiting Project has visited six facilities (Clinton, Fishkill, Woodbourne, Cape Vincent, Groveland, and Altona.) Eddie shares with listeners some highlights and key recommendations based on those visits.

On the Count is a weekly hour-long show regularly hosted by Eddie Ellis on WBAI Pacifica Radio, 99.5fm. The program can currently be heard in approximately 17 prisons throughout the mid-Hudson region.

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