Cape Vincent Correctional Facility

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Cape Vincent Correctional Facility is an 882-bed medium-security prison located in Cape Vincent, New York, on the border of the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario.

The Correctional Association’s Prison Visiting Project visited Cape Vincent on March 26 and 27, 2012.

Compared to other prisons we have visited, Cape Vincent had:

  • lower reported levels of physical confrontations between staff and incarcerated people
  • higher general feelings of safety by incarcerated people
  • a higher percentage of  incarcerated people receiving some programming, such as education and prison jobs
  • relatively more favorable evaluations of prison medical care

 On the other hand, we found significant concerns about:

  • the vast disparity between the 80% of the incarcerated population who are black and Latino men from urban areas and the  99.6% of the security staff who are white in a rural setting
  • an environment laden with racial and verbal harassment and intimidation
  • the quality of academic, vocational, and substance abuse treatment programs

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