Healthcare in New York Prisons 2004-2007

In 2009, PVP published Healthcare in New York Prisons, 2004-2007 at the request of the New York State Assembly's Health and Corrections Committees. The comprehensive report is based on information gathered during 19 monitoring visits and notes administrative factors that can negatively affect care, such as vacancies and low salaries of medical personnel. It also makes concrete recommendations for improvement.Read More


Say NO to 35 Years of Injustice: Policy Paper Urging New York State Leaders To Repeal The Rockefeller Drug Laws

2008 marked the 35th anniversary of the enactment of the Rockefeller Drug Laws. This policy paper, published by the Correctional Association's Drop the Rock campaign, presents historical figures on the harsh impact of the Rockefeller Drug Laws and makes the case the full repeal of the statutes.Read More


Addressing Key Criminal Justice Issues in the 21st Century

This special report presents some of the Correctional Association's top reform proposals for the state's administration to consider, as well as the benefits they could provide for both the communities most heavily impacted by incarceration and for society as a whole.Read More


New York Juvenile Justice Coalition Proposals for Reform 2007

The New York Juvenile Justice Coalition outlines four proposals for juvenile justice reform in the State of New York in 2007.Read More


Juvenile Justice Coalition Resource Directory

In 2006, the Juvenile Justice Coalition compiled information about various programs and services available to court-involved youth in New York City.Read More


Women, Incarceration, Reentry and HIV

An overwhelming majority of incarcerated women living with HIV and HCV or who are at high risk for HIV and HCV eventually return home and resume their various roles in society. Such women will remain at high risk unless they receive appropriate interventions and services inside correctional facilities and during the reentry process.Read More


When “Free” Means Losing Your Mother: The Collision of Child Welfare and the Incarceration of Women in New York State

This report highlights the pernicious effect that incarceration of mothers has on their families and makes recommendations for preserving family ties. Incarcerated women face significant barriers to maintaining stable relationships with — and sometimes parental rights to — their children. These obstacles include limited visiting and family reunification services, inadequate or non-existent legal representation in Family Court, and insufficient coordination between corrections departments, child welfare agencies and the courts.Read More


State of the Prisons 2002-2003: Conditions of Confinement in 14 New York State Correctional Facilities

The Correctional Association's 2002-2003 State of the Prisons report is based on observations and data gathered by the Prison Visiting Project during visits to 14 of the New York State correctional facilities that house men. Part One presents an overview of trends and outlines areas for reform. Part Two contains detailed reports from 14 individual prison visits.Read More


Mental Health in the House of Corrections: A Study of Mental Health Care in New York State Prisons by the Correctional Association of New York

The Correctional Association’s two-year study of mental health care in New York State prisons—which involved 22 visits to 20 correctional facilities, survey interviews with over 400 inmates on the mental health caseload and focus groups with correction officers, mental health staff and prison administrators—reveals both systemic problems and service deficiencies as well as some model programs.Read More


Broken Promises, Broken System

Malikah J. Kelly, youth organizer for the Juvenile Justice Project outlines 10 Reasons New York City Should Close the Spofford Youth Jail.Read More