“Solitary at Southport: A 2017 Report Based Upon the Correctional Association’s Visits, Data Analysis, & First-Hand Accounts of the Torture of Solitary Confinement from One of New York’s Supermax Prisons”

“The isolation itself is torture. Mentally and emotionally, it breaks you down. Spiritually it strips you. The way it is built is to break you down as a person and push your family away.” From “Solitary at Southport” Solitary confinement is torture. New York State subjects people to solitary confinement and other forms of isolation at rates above the national average and in a racially disparate manner.Read More


CA Bulletin Spring/Summer 2017

FINAL CANY Spr-Sum Newsletter 2017 DIGITAL 6-8-17Read More


Juvenile Justice Project (JJP) Brochure

Through coalition building, youth leadership development, public education, and advocacy with New York policymakers, legislators, and government officials the JJP reduces youth detention and incarceration, helps create a safe, publicly transparent, and accountable youth justice system, supports and empowers young people who come in contact with the justice system, and promotes child-centered policies and practices to protect young people’s dignity, safety, and human rights.Read More


Prison Visiting Project (PVP) Brochure

Since 1846, the Prison Visiting Project has carried out the CA’s unique mandate to keep policymakers and the public informed about conditions of confinement that have an impact on the people who are incarcerated, prison staff, communities disproportionately affected by incarceration, and ultimately, society at large.     Download a pdf describing the work of the Prison Visiting Project.Read More


Women in Prison Project (WIPP) Brochure

Under unique statutory authority granted to the CA in 1846, WIPP monitors conditions in women’s prisons in New York, a role played by no other group in the country. WIPP coordinates the Coalition for Women Prisoners, a statewide alliance of more than 1,800 people, and carries out advocacy campaigns to reform harmful criminal justice policies.Read More


CA Bulletin December 2014

  Learn about the recent CA’s work around the increasing levels of violence and abuse in New York State prisons, our efforts to close Attica, our inspiring new staff and board members, and other news about the work that our outstanding supporters make possible. Download pdf of December 2014 newsletter here.Read More


Raise the Age Campaign Brochure

Download brochure  Read More


What could the world look like if we put people before prisons?

At the Correctional Association, our efforts are driven by a deep faith the inherent dignity of all human beings. We are working to create a criminal justice system that treats people and their families with fairness, dignity, opportunity and respect. In this short video, members of our staff and volunteer team describe what we do at the Correctional Association, and why we do it.Read More


CA Bulletin: Winter 2012

In this issue: Danny Glover Joins Correctional Association Board; Shining our light on 2012: this year's prison visits; Bringing Back the Buses; and much more. Read More


Correctional Association “On the Count” broadcast

Executive Director Soffiyah Elijah serves as the guest host of "On the Count: The Prison and Criminal Justice Report," a weekly hour-long show on WBAI-Pacifica Radio. Read More