Showing Press in Substance Abuse and Incarceration

The Daily Star | 11.05.2017

State struggles to provide prison health care

ALBANY — New York’s complex of 54 state prison facilities is struggling to fill vacant jobs for nurses, doctors and other health care providers. Filling those vacancies and dealing with an aging prison population at facilities across the state have become among the tallest challenges for the $3 billion correctional system, top administrators concede.Read More

The New York Times | 01.03.2017

Letter to the Editor: Alleviating the Pain When a Parent Is in Jail

To the Editor: Re “Serving as a Role Model During a Father’s Absence” (The Neediest Cases, Dec. 21): It’s nice to see young Jaylen benefit from the MentorCHIP program. But children whose parents are incarcerated need regular visits with their parents. Studies show that children’s emotional, scholastic and social adjustment improve when they have regularly scheduled visits to alleviate the pain of losing a parent.Read More

The Observer-Dispatch | 07.12.2016

County Jail Wants to Start Program to Help Addicts

Inmates who qualify for the program would receive a shot of the drugVivitrol – which blocks highs from heroin, other opioids and alcohol – two days before release. The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office wants to start a program to help inmates beat opioid addiction before they leave county jail. Inmates who choose to go into and qualify for the program would receive a shot of the drug Vivitrol two days before release.Read More

The Guardian/Raw Story | 08.02.2015

Pell grants to bring college back to prison: US is ‘a nation of second chances’

A couple of months after Sam Hamilton was released from Fishkill correctional facility, a medium security prison in upstate New York where he spent 32 years on charges of felony and murder, he returned to the prison – this time as a civilian. Hamilton was there to celebrate. His friends, 24 inmates at Fishkill were graduating with degrees in organizational management from Nyack College, which they completed while serving time.Read More

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange | 07.15.2015

Windows from Prison Provides Visions of Home

The women in Clearman’s workshop who chose to participate wrote letters detailing the location they wanted photographed, instructions for the photographer and, in some instances, a brief explanation of why the location was important to them. Requests were also received from a nearby juvenile detention facility. Strandquist’s only stipulation was that the locations be within the New York City metropolitan area.Read More

RH Reality Check | 03.31.2015

Deprived of Care, Incarcerated Women Suffer Miscarriages, Stillbirths, Ectopic Pregnancies

On the morning of September 11, 2011, Krystal Moore thought she was dying. Sharp pain stabbed at her stomach, so much so that she curled up into a fetal position on her bed. She didn’t know what was happening. Though she was pregnant, she was only six months along, not nearly ready to give birth.Read More

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El Diario New York | 03.07.2015

Una vida dedicada a las presas y sus derechos

“Algunas de las mujeres con las que hablamos nos relataron cómo dieron a luz con grilletes en sus muñecas o sus tobillos, encadenadas durante el parto, imagínate. Otras fueron esposadas durante el embarazo con esas ´black boxes´ o cajas negras que debían cargar arriba de la barriga,” relata indignada esta doctora boricua que entrevistó a casi 1,000 presas en distintas cárceles de NY.Read More

Intercept | 02.20.2015

New York Is Illegally Shackling Pregnant Incarcerated Women

The state of New York is illegally shackling incarcerated women during childbirth, according to a new report on reproductive justice from the Correctional Association of New York. “Women continue to be shackled on the way to the hospital (even when they are in labor), during recovery (even within hours after giving birth and for long periods of time), and on the way back to the prison (even with waist chains just days after having a C-section),” the report said.Read More

Think Progress | 02.13.2015

New York Prisons are Illegally Shackling Inmates During Labor, Harrowing Report Finds

The controversial practice of shackling pregnant inmates — which major medical associations have condemned as “hazardous” and “barbaric” — is increasingly falling out of favor. States have pushed forward to ban it, and U.S. lawmakers have worked to prevent shackling in immigration detention centers. But having a ban on the books doesn’t necessarily mean that prisons have actually ended the practice.Read More

amNY | 11.11.2012

Q&A: Prison expert Soffiyah Elijah on reducing prison costs, drug-related crimes

Soffiyah Elijah, 57, is the executive director of the Correctional Association of New York, which monitors conditions in state prisons. The first woman and first person of color to head the 170-year-old organization, she lives in Park Slope with her parents and the elder of her two sons.Read More