Showing Press in Juvenile Justice Coalition

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle | 03.28.2017

Guest Essay: Raise the Age

New York remains one of only 2 states in the nation treating 16 and 17 year-olds as something they are not — adults— in our criminal justice system. This archaic approach increases the likelihood of more crime, more severe crime, and seriously damages the education, employment and long-term life prospects of our youth, particularly the African-American and Hispanic children disproportionately ensnared by our criminal justice system.Read More

Citizen Action | 01.13.2017

Activist Check-In Podcast: Raise the Age with Angelo Pinto

In New York State, 16 and 17-year-olds arrested or detained can be sent to adult prisons and jails. Despite multiple studies that show a teenager’s brain functions are not fully developed, our state insists on charging young people like adults, creating a generation of over-incarcerated youth in New York. We sat down to speak with Justice League Member, Angelo Pinto about the campaign to raise the age.Read More

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WHCR 90.3 FM | 06.20.2016

[AUDIO] The Dreamer And Doer Series Featuring Angelo Pinto

Each month, Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio presents “The Dreamer and Doer Series,” which spotlights inspirational Millennials who are using their talents and influence to better their community and the world. On Sunday, June 19, 2016, we spoke to Angelo Pinto, the Campaign Manager for the Raise the Age Campaign at The Correctional Associations of New York and a founding member of Justice League NYC.Read More

Times Union | 06.07.2016

‘Raise the Age’ advocates plan ‘sleep-in’

Albany With the legislative session winding down, advocates for raising the age of criminal responsibility in New York won’t rest — though they might doze off at times. Supporters of legislation that would change the age from 16 to 18 say they will remain at the State Capitol until the end of the legislative session on June 16 as part of an extended “sleep-in.” They planned to spend part of Monday night in the public spaces on the Empire State Plaza concourse before moving outside.Read More

Refinery 29 | 05.13.2016

The Mothers Who Lost Their Children To Prisons

“I just want to start from, I guess, what happened at the end,” Alicia Barraza said softly into the microphone. “On October 30 of 2014, we lost our 21-year-old son when he took his own life at Fishkill Correctional Facility.”Standing at thepodium of a press conference at the state capital in Albany, NY, just two days after Mother’s Day, Barraza said that she believed New York’s practice of charging teenagers as adults helped lead to her son’s death.Read More

CBS News Ch. 6 Albany | 05.11.2016

VIDEO: Mothers asking lawmakers to “Raise the Age”

ALBANY–A group of mothers from across the Empire State met in Albany Tuesday, calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other lawmakers to raise the age at which children can be tried as an adult. They argue it’s a matter of protecting children. “We protect them in so many other ways, with respect to when we allow them to drive, when we allow them to swim by themselves in a public swimming pool, when we allow them to smoke cigarettes, when we allow them to vote, when we allow them to be drafted or go fight in a war, but the one place we don’t protect them is when it comes to the criminal justice system,” said Soffiyah Elijah.Read More

Newsday | 02.01.2016

Nassau Dems urge state to raise age for prosecution as adults

Democratic Nassau County legislators Monday called on state lawmakers to raise to 18 the age for nonviolent offenders to be prosecuted and incarcerated as adults. At a news conference in Mineola, Legis. Laura Curran (D-Baldwin) said juvenile offenders have a better chance of being rehabilitated and avoiding recidivism if they are incarcerated at youth jails.Read More

LI Herald | 02.01.2016

Legislator wants state to ‘raise the age’

Flanked by fellow Democratic lawmakers and representatives of Long Island nonprofit groups on Monday, Nassau County Legislator Laura Curran, of Baldwin, called on the State Legislature to pass a measure that would “raise the age” of criminal responsibility from 16 to 18. New York is one of only two states in which 16- and 17-year-olds are prosecuted as adults for non-violent offenses and housed with adults in jails and prisons.Read More

Times Union | 01.21.2016

LTE: Raise the Age Of Criminal Responsibility In NY State

“Beaten… to the ground,” Jan. 10, exposes a serious ongoing human and children’s rights crisis: The culture of brutality and violence in New York state prisons. The Correctional Association has consistently found the system is rife with abuses similar to the horror endured by Matthew Thornton at Greene Correctional Facility. Notably, Greene has one of the highest concentrations of young people in any state prison.Read More

AmeriPublications | 12.22.2015

Cuomo To Issue Conditional Pardons For 10000 Juvenile Offenders

Calling it the Fair Chance Act, the New York City Council, for instance, already voted to prevent companies in the city from asking applicants if they have a criminal history. In a move that’s meant to make finding jobs, housing, and access to social support easier for thousands of New Yorkers, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Sunday that he will grant clemencies to people who were convicted of non-violent felonies when they were teenagers.Read More