Showing Press in Drop the Rock Coalition

City Limits | 08.06.2013

Prisons Get Grayer, But Efforts to Release the Dying Lag

Critics say harsh criteria for compassionate release application make the program superfluous. Read More


Watertown Daily Times | 09.04.2012

Prison buses: Free service helped families cope

An editorial in the Watertown Daily Times discusses the loss of the DOCCS free bus service for families of incarcerated people.Read More

Utica Observer-Dispatch | 06.25.2012

Compassion vs. safety: Should aging/ill prisoners be released?

A growing number of advocates are calling for greater use of an alternative strategy – releasing older and sick inmates.Read More


Albany Times Union | 02.17.2012

Capital Profile: J. Soffiyah Elijah

Soffiyah Elijah was interviewed by the Times Union in the State Capital on February 17.Read More


The Correctional Association of NY applauds New York State’s plan to close seven prisons eliminating 3,800 prison beds and saving millions of taxpayer dollars, and urges further downsizing

The Correctional Association of New York applauds Governor Cuomo for his announcement yesterday to close seven prisons, the most significant commitment to prison reduction since the prison building boom of the 1980s. Read More


Correctional Association statement in support of plans announced by NYS governor and legislature to close 3,700 adult prison beds, downsize youth facility beds, and enact juvenile justice reforms

Soffiyah Elijah, Executive Director of the Correctional Association of New York, released a public statement today expressing the organization’s strong support for plans announced yesterday by Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to close 3,700 adult prison beds, downsize the state juvenile prison system by more than 30 percent, and invest in alternative to detention and incarceration programs for young people in the juvenile justice system.Read More


Correctional Association statement in support of governor cuomo’s remarks on need for prison downsizing in yesterday’s state of the state speech

Robert Gangi, Executive Director of Correctional Association of New York, released a public statement today expressing the organization’s strong support for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s remarks in his State of the State speech about the urgent need to close empty or emptying adult prisons and juvenile facilities.Read More

Gotham Gazette | 11.23.2010

Cuomo Could Shrink the Prison System His Father Built

Gov. Mario Cuomo oversaw the largest expansion of the prison system in the state's history. It is a legacy that Cuomo has said that he regrets. Read More


Local Citizens Meeting with Legislators to Promote Prison Downsizing and Community Reinvestment

On Friday, September 24, in neighborhoods in the city and state that are heavily impacted by incarceration, teams of community members will meet with local legislators to advocate for reducing the use of incarceration in New York.Read More

The New York Times | 06.20.2010

Litmus Test in Primary: Overhauled Drug

For many Democrats in Albany, it was a landmark achievement: the long-sought overhaul of New York’s strict Rockefeller-era drug laws, repealing mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders that critics said disproportionately and unfairly fell on blacks and Latinos. But that legislative victory last year has emerged as a litmus test in the increasingly bitter fiveway Democratic primary battle for attorney general.Read More