Showing Press in Prison Downsizing

City Limits | 11.10.2015

NYS Prison Budget Climbs, Despite Fewer Inmates

New York State has slashed its inmate population by more than a quarter since its peak in 1999, from 71,538 to roughly 53,000 today, but the state’s corrections department budget has swollen by nearly a one-third in that time to close to $3 billion. This seems unlikely to change much either–in fact the budget went up last year, as did the number of unionized guards –and these trends could very well continue.Read More

The Nation | 10.29.2015

What Happens When Old Prisons Are Given Back to Their Communities?

Sharon Richardson remembers looking out the window of Bayview Correctional Facility, the sole women’s prison within New York’s five boroughs. “I could see the ships coming in and I wondered, ‘When is my ship coming in?’” For more than three decades, the Bayview Correctional Facility sat inconspicuously on the far west side of Manhattan, across Eleventh Avenue from Chelsea Piers, a 28-acre sports and entertainment complex on the Hudson waterfront.Read More

Legislative Gazette | 08.06.2013

Upstate lawmakers question prison closures

Upstate lawmakers are angry after the Department of Corrections announced plans to close four prisons next year.Read More

Chelsea Now | 06.12.2013

From Prison to Prime Real Estate: Bayview’s Future in Flux

Bayview Correctional Facility was the only women’s prison inside New York City, and now 40 percent of these women prisoners are currently housed at Albion Correctional Facility — located eight hours from the city. The relocation of these medium-security prisoners to facilities upstate has not only resulted in an end to the rehabilitative work, education and counseling programs, but also caused a great strain for the families of these women.Read More

Legislative Gazette | 04.08.2013

Prisoner advocates foresee problems after shuttering Bayview and Beacon

When the closures were first announced, the Correctional Association — which typically advocates for prison closures — spoke out against these two facilities closing because of the "critical" opportunities Beacon and Bayview offer women to stay connected to their families and prepare for a successful re-entry after their sentences are completed.Read More

CA press release | 04.01.2013

Critical Opportunities for Women Will Be Lost as Governor Continues Trend of Closing Minimum-Security and Downstate Prisons

Beacon, located in the Hudson Valley, is the state’s only minimum-security prison for women. Bayview, in Manhattan, is the only women’s prison located in NYC. Read More

Albany Times Union | 02.15.2013

Women inmates deserve better

The bottom line? It's a mistake to close Bayview and Beacon without first establishing a plan to give women involved in the criminal justice system the best possible chance to succeed. Read More


WNYC News Blog | 02.11.2013

Two New York Prisons for Female Inmates Facing Final Lockup

As the number of people incarcerated in New York continues to decline, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed closing two women's prisons to save money.Read More

Legislative Gazette | 02.06.2013

Two women’s prisons on the chopping block

Bayview and Beacon women's correctional facilities are on the chopping block in the Executive Budget, which if passed, would mark the eighth and ninth prisons closed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.Read More


CA press release | 01.30.2013

Bayview and Beacon closures may mean lost opportunities for women in prison

With the closures of Beacon and Bayview, incarcerated women would lose opportunities to reside in a prison in New York City; participate in a work release program downstate; and, serve time in a minimum-security setting.Read More