Showing Press in Mental Healthcare and Incarceration

WAMC | 06.10.2016

AUDIO: Correctional Association Releases Report Detailing Inmate Abuse At Clinton Correctional

On Monday the New York State Inspector General issued a report detailing systemic breakdowns that led to the escape of two inmates from the Clinton Correctional facility in Northern New York.  On Thursday, the Correctional Association of New York released a report detailing violence and abuse against inmates at the maximum security prison.Read More

Times Union | 06.10.2016

Report by advocates alleges abuse after escape

While the state inspector general’s report detailed the factors that contributed to the escape from Clinton Correctional Facility last June, a new report from a prisoner advocacy group levels a number of abuse claims against staff at the maximum-security prison that allegedly occurred in the wake of the escape. The Correctional Association of NY report, largely a compilation of anonymous inmate accounts, contends the June 6, 2015, breakout was followed by an uptick in abusive behavior by employees, plus excessive use of solitary confinement and rampant racism.Read More

WAMC Northeast Public Radio | 06.10.2016

AUDIO: Correctional Association Report Alleges Brutality At Prison

The Correctional Association of New York has issued a report that alleges a culture of violence and abuse against prisoners has existed at Clinton Correctional for years. The criminal justice reform group is the only private organization allowed to inspect and report on the state’s prisons.   Its “Voices From Clinton” report issued Thursday found longstanding brutality against prisoners, including suffocation during interrogations and denial of basic rights and living conditions.Read More

Democracy Now! | 04.26.2016

[Video] Family of Samuel Harrell, Killed by “Beat Up Squad” in NY Prison, Holds Hunger Strike for Justice

We speak with family members who have just concluded a five-day hunger strike marking the first anniversary of the death of Samuel Harrell, who died after as many as 20 corrections officers kicked, punched and threw him down a flight of stairs while he was incarcerated at the Fishkill Correctional Facility in Beacon, New York.Read More

The New York Times | 04.25.2016

Letter to the Editor: Rogue Prison Guards

To the Editor: Re “New York State Taking On Union of Prison Guards” (front page, April 12): Since 1846, the Correctional Association has monitored and reported to lawmakers and the public on prison conditions, bearing witness to a pervasive and persistent culture of violence and abuse suffered by teenagers, women and men in New York State prisons.Read More

Epoch Times | 03.10.2016

Funneling the Mentally Ill Into the Criminal Justice System

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y.—Standing in the middle of his prison cell, Masai Giardino Stewart could touch the walls if he outstretched his arms. Throughout the sweltering summer, Stewart was confined in this space for at least 23 hours a day. With no windows, and vents clogged with dust and dirt, Stewart frequently had difficulty breathing.Read More

The New York Times | 09.28.2015

Guarding the Prison Guards: New York State’s Troubled Disciplinary System

A few days after Ramon Fabian arrived at the Ulster Correctional Facility on the southern edge of the Catskill Mountains last year, a guard conducting the morning head count yelled at him to shut up. Inmates at Ulster, a medium-security New York State prison, are required to stay in place and keep their voices low during the count.Read More

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange | 09.25.2015

NY Activists Urge End to Solitary Confinement in Corrections

NEW YORK — Correctional officers brought Tama Bell’s mentally ill son to the brink of suicide for throwing a rag on a table, she says. Bell’s son, Masai, was at Mid­-State Correctional Facility in Marcy, N.Y., in 2014 for a psychiatric evaluation and had gotten a job there. Inmates and officers were making fun of him when he was cleaning tables and told him to redo it, she said.Read More

WBAI | 09.03.2015

Audio: Fishkill, Clinton, Attica – Pervasive and Unchecked Abuse by Guards

In an hour-long interview on WBAI’s “On the Count” a weekly radio show that is broadcast in New York State prisons, the CA’s Scott Paltrowitz, the Associate Director of the Prison Visiting Project (PVP)and Tyrrell Muhammad, a PVP Associate who was formerly incarcerated in New York State and knows all too well what occurs in NYS prisons, discuss the recently reported cases of abuse, neglect and homicide at the hands of NYS corrections officers.Read More

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange | 07.15.2015

Windows from Prison Provides Visions of Home

The women in Clearman’s workshop who chose to participate wrote letters detailing the location they wanted photographed, instructions for the photographer and, in some instances, a brief explanation of why the location was important to them. Requests were also received from a nearby juvenile detention facility. Strandquist’s only stipulation was that the locations be within the New York City metropolitan area.Read More