Showing Press in LGBTQ Youth in the System

North Country Public Radio (NCPR) | 03.20.2015

Support grows for keeping teens out of NY prisons

Support appears to be growing in Albany, N.Y., for legislation that would keep teenagers out of New York’s adult prisons. Governor Andrew Cuomo backed the “Raise the Age” campaign. Now, Assembly speaker Carl Heastie, one of the state’s most powerful Democrats, has signed on, along with a growing number of police and prosecutors.Read More

Legislative Gazette | 03.16.2015

Law enforcement are backing ‘raise the age’ initiative

The fight to raise the age of criminal responsibility in New York and protect youth from ruining their lives with one mistake continues as support from advocates for the governor’s proposal grows stronger. “It’s not right. It’s not fair. We must raise the age,” said Dennis R. Hawkins, executive director of the Fund for Modern Courts.Read More

New York Times | 12.18.2014

End Solitary Confinement for All, Not Some

In response to an opinion piece in the New York Times calling for an end to solitary confinement of teenagers, CA Executive Director Soffiyah Elijah warns against feel-good gestures that ultimately do not address the entire scope of human suffering  and abuse that is a result of solitary confinement across all incarcerated populations.Read More

The Epoch Times | 08.30.2014

“No one is solely the worst thing they have ever done.”

This week The Epoch Times takes a powerful look at New York’s juvenile corrections system, shedding further light on the harsh and often dehumanizing conditions experienced by many of the state’s incarcerated youth.Read More

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Truthout | 06.10.2014

What’s Gender Got to Do With Policing and Prisons?

When Yraida Guanipa, a mother of two living in Miami, was sentenced to prison, both her sons were under the age of six. During her 10-and-a-half year sentence, she saw her sons a total of six times. But she was one of the fortunate ones. Read More

amNY | 11.11.2012

Q&A: Prison expert Soffiyah Elijah on reducing prison costs, drug-related crimes

Soffiyah Elijah, 57, is the executive director of the Correctional Association of New York, which monitors conditions in state prisons. The first woman and first person of color to head the 170-year-old organization, she lives in Park Slope with her parents and the elder of her two sons.Read More


City Limits | 05.23.2012

City Investigating Home for LGBT Youth

Current and former residents of a group home for LGBT youth say physical abuse, sexual misconduct and financial mismanagement were common. Judy Yu, Associate Director of LGBTQ Youth Issues at the CA's Juvenile Justice Project gives City Limits a helicopter view of best practices for working with LGBTQ youth in care. Read More

New York Law School | 05.15.2012

Former New York State Judges Join Experts in Calling for Juvenile Justice Reform in New York in NYLS Law Review

Just weeks after New York State Governor Cuomo introduced the Close to Home initiative in the 2012-13 budget, juvenile justice experts call for reforming what some see as New York’s outdated approach to juvenile justice.Read More

GRITtv | 07.07.2010

Violence Against LGBT Youth Behind Bars

Across the United States, the brutal and dysfunctional juvenile justice system sends queer youth to prison in disproportionate numbers, fails to protect them from violence and discrimination while they're inside and to this day condones attempts to turn them straight. Gabrielle Prisco, Director of the Juvenile Justice Project at the Correctional Association of New York, joins with GRITTv to talk about the way the justice system fails youth—and the reasons LGBT youth wind up in the system more often than straight teens.Read More