Showing Press in HIV and Healthcare in Prison

El Diario New York | 03.07.2015

Una vida dedicada a las presas y sus derechos

“Algunas de las mujeres con las que hablamos nos relataron cómo dieron a luz con grilletes en sus muñecas o sus tobillos, encadenadas durante el parto, imagínate. Otras fueron esposadas durante el embarazo con esas ´black boxes´ o cajas negras que debían cargar arriba de la barriga,” relata indignada esta doctora boricua que entrevistó a casi 1,000 presas en distintas cárceles de NY.Read More

Intercept | 02.20.2015

New York Is Illegally Shackling Pregnant Incarcerated Women

The state of New York is illegally shackling incarcerated women during childbirth, according to a new report on reproductive justice from the Correctional Association of New York. “Women continue to be shackled on the way to the hospital (even when they are in labor), during recovery (even within hours after giving birth and for long periods of time), and on the way back to the prison (even with waist chains just days after having a C-section),” the report said.Read More

Think Progress | 02.13.2015

New York Prisons are Illegally Shackling Inmates During Labor, Harrowing Report Finds

The controversial practice of shackling pregnant inmates — which major medical associations have condemned as “hazardous” and “barbaric” — is increasingly falling out of favor. States have pushed forward to ban it, and U.S. lawmakers have worked to prevent shackling in immigration detention centers. But having a ban on the books doesn’t necessarily mean that prisons have actually ended the practice.Read More

The Investigative Fund | 10.21.2014

“Women’s own perceptions of their bodies are often dismissed.”

The Investigative Fund, a project of The Nation Institute, published a write-up about the CA’s recent Women in Prison Project event (WIPP), “Unshackled: Women Speak Out on Mass Incarceration and Reproductive Justice." Read More

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Correctional News | 12.04.2013

Prison Group Releases Findings of Health Care Study

Prison watchdog group the Correctional Association of New York (CANY) recently claimed many HIV positive inmates across the state prison system remain undiagnosed. The report comes after a two-year study conducted by the group, which reviewed staffing, prison health statistics and other factors.Read More | 12.02.2013

Report: Auburn Correctional Facility lacks medical staff, misses HIV diagnoses

Auburn Correctional Facility is facing a shortage of medical staff as it fails to diagnose dozens of prisoners who likely have HIV, an October report from the Correctional Association of New York found.Read More

City Limits | 08.06.2013

Prisons Get Grayer, But Efforts to Release the Dying Lag

Critics say harsh criteria for compassionate release application make the program superfluous. Read More


amNY | 11.11.2012

Q&A: Prison expert Soffiyah Elijah on reducing prison costs, drug-related crimes

Soffiyah Elijah, 57, is the executive director of the Correctional Association of New York, which monitors conditions in state prisons. The first woman and first person of color to head the 170-year-old organization, she lives in Park Slope with her parents and the elder of her two sons.Read More


Utica Observer-Dispatch | 06.25.2012

Compassion vs. safety: Should aging/ill prisoners be released?

A growing number of advocates are calling for greater use of an alternative strategy – releasing older and sick inmates.Read More


Utica Observer-Dispatch | 06.25.2012

Growing old behind bars: Aging prison population strains system

The number of those in prison age 60 and older have more than quadrupled between 1990 and the end of last year.Read More