Showing Press in Families and Incarceration

CBS News Ch. 6 Albany | 05.11.2016

VIDEO: Mothers asking lawmakers to “Raise the Age”

ALBANY–A group of mothers from across the Empire State met in Albany Tuesday, calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other lawmakers to raise the age at which children can be tried as an adult. They argue it’s a matter of protecting children. “We protect them in so many other ways, with respect to when we allow them to drive, when we allow them to swim by themselves in a public swimming pool, when we allow them to smoke cigarettes, when we allow them to vote, when we allow them to be drafted or go fight in a war, but the one place we don’t protect them is when it comes to the criminal justice system,” said Soffiyah Elijah.Read More

NY City Lens | 05.09.2016

How a Marriage Survives Prison

Four times a year Michelle Archer, 39, travels two hours from her suburban home in Long Island, New York to the mountainous countryside of Ossining for a 48-hour visit with her husband, Jermaine, an inmate at the Sing Sing Correctional Facility. This year marks the couple’s 18th year apart. On March 12, 1998, Jermaine Archer was arrested and charged for a murder he allegedly committed the summer before on a deserted street in his drug-riddled Queens neighborhood.Read More

Democracy Now! | 04.26.2016

[Video] Family of Samuel Harrell, Killed by “Beat Up Squad” in NY Prison, Holds Hunger Strike for Justice

We speak with family members who have just concluded a five-day hunger strike marking the first anniversary of the death of Samuel Harrell, who died after as many as 20 corrections officers kicked, punched and threw him down a flight of stairs while he was incarcerated at the Fishkill Correctional Facility in Beacon, New York.Read More

The New York Times | 04.25.2016

Letter to the Editor: Rogue Prison Guards

To the Editor: Re “New York State Taking On Union of Prison Guards” (front page, April 12): Since 1846, the Correctional Association has monitored and reported to lawmakers and the public on prison conditions, bearing witness to a pervasive and persistent culture of violence and abuse suffered by teenagers, women and men in New York State prisons.Read More

Al Jazeera America | 04.07.2016

[VIDEO] Giving Birth in Shackles

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The Blaze | 12.23.2015

New York Becomes First State to Enact ‘Common Sense’ Anti-Shackling Law for Pregnant Inmates

Pregnant inmates in New York prisons will no longer have to endure shackles. Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) signed a bill Tuesday prohibiting the practice of shackling (handcuffing, using ankle restraints and waist chains) on incarcerated women who are pregnant. Before the ban was instated, New York law already disallowed the use of shackles on female inmates during and immediately after labor, but the new rule will cover a woman during her entire pregnancy and an additional eight weeks after delivery.Read More

Yahoo News | 12.23.2015

New York’s Governor Just Put an End to One of the Worst Prison Practices in America

Pregnant women shouldn’t be in shackles. That’s now the law of the land in New York, where Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a law Tuesday that prohibits restraining incarcerated women during and eight weeks after transport while pregnant. Currently the state has a ban on shackling pregnant women immediately before and during the act of childbirth, but there are still plenty of scenarios like doctor’s appointments and facility transfers in which pregnant women are forced to endure handcuffs, waist chains, and ankle restraints, according to the Huffington Post.Read More

DNAinfo | 12.22.2015

Anti-Restraint Bill for Pregnant Inmates Signed by Cuomo

NEW YORK —  Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill Tuesday that prohibits the use of restraints during the transportation of pregnant women incarcerated at state and local correctional facilities. The bill, dubbed the 2015 Anti-Shackling Bill, strengthens legislation from 2009 that prohibited the use of restraints on pregnant inmates, but only during childbirth.Read More

Bustle | 12.11.2015

4 Women Detail Their Harrowing Experiences As Prisoners Shackled During Pregnancy

Our country’s prisons are often unsafe and difficult to live in for all prisoners, but life behind bars can be particularly unbearable for pregnant people, as the video “It’s Time For New York To End Shackling: Women Share Their Stories” demonstrates. In the video, produced by The Correctional Association of New York, six women give their accounts of being shackled during pregnancy.Read More

Huffington Post | 12.11.2015

Listen To Women Describe The Horror Of Being Shackled While Pregnant

  “It’s just so degrading.” “I know I made a mistake, but this is a totally different punishment that no one deserves.” “It was the most dehumanizing, embarrassing, degrading, animalistic thing that I have ever experienced.” Those are the words of formerly incarcerated women in New York who were shackled while pregnant — a practice that is still totally legal in the state, but might not be for much longer.Read More