Showing Press in Survivors of Abuse and Incarceration

WAMC Northeast Public Radio | 06.10.2016

AUDIO: Correctional Association Report Alleges Brutality At Prison

The Correctional Association of New York has issued a report that alleges a culture of violence and abuse against prisoners has existed at Clinton Correctional for years. The criminal justice reform group is the only private organization allowed to inspect and report on the state’s prisons.   Its “Voices From Clinton” report issued Thursday found longstanding brutality against prisoners, including suffocation during interrogations and denial of basic rights and living conditions.Read More

Press & Sun Bulletin | 06.07.2016

Prison escape showed “systemic failures,” report says

ALBANY – The prison escape a year ago at the Clinton Correctional Facility in northern New York that led to a three-week manhunt was the result of “chronic complacency and systemic failures,” a state report Monday found. The long-awaited report from the Inspector General’s Office showed a remarkable plan by the two inmates to coax a female employee and a male prison guard into providing them tools for their escape.Read More

TIme Warner Cable News Capitol Region | 06.07.2016

VIDEO: New York Prison Break: Outside the Wall, One Year Later

TWC NEWS VIDEO: In this special report, Outside the Wall: One Year Later, Time Warner Cable News brings you in-depth interviews with two of the men at the center of the manhunt for David Sweat and Richard Matt, who escaped Clinton County Correctional Facility on June 6, 2015. Matt eventually was shot and killed by law enforcement, and Sweat was shot and captured two days later.Read More

The New York Times | 04.25.2016

Letter to the Editor: Rogue Prison Guards

To the Editor: Re “New York State Taking On Union of Prison Guards” (front page, April 12): Since 1846, the Correctional Association has monitored and reported to lawmakers and the public on prison conditions, bearing witness to a pervasive and persistent culture of violence and abuse suffered by teenagers, women and men in New York State prisons.Read More

Huffington Post | 04.13.2016

She Was Acquitted Of Murdering Her Abusive Ex After Years In Prison. Now Comes The Hard Part.

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — Cherelle Baldwin was technically free. It had been nine days since her release from York Correctional Institution, Connecticut’s only prison for women. She spent almost three years there, waiting to stand trial for the murder of her ex-boyfriend before being found innocent. But even though she was back outside, free to go anywhere she wanted, whenever she wanted, Baldwin said she felt trapped.Read More

Huffington Post | 11.03.2015

‘Why Won’t She Go to the Police?’ or How the Police Tolerate Gender-Based Violence in Their Own Ranks

Why won’t women “just go to the police”? Maybe because they don’t have faith the police will help them. Brutality often begins at home, including in police families. In department after department, law enforcement officials are ignoring disciplinary and legal standards for officers accused of sexual violence and domestic violence. At least two self-reported surveys reveal that up to forty percent – 40% – of police families experience domestic violence and sexual “misconduct” is the second most prevalent form of police misconduct, after excessive force.Read More

Poughkeepsie Journal | 10.01.2015

Prision Staff Remain On Payrolls Despite Excessive Force Lawsuits

When he was assaulted a second time in two weeks at Fishkill Correctional Facility in Beacon, Melvin Wells believed it was payback. The inmate — who received $65,000 in 2011 to settle a lawsuit that grew out of the incidents — had dared to file a complaint, or grievance, against the officer he said had beaten him the first time.Read More

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange | 09.29.2015

Report: NYC Criminal Justice System Needs to Reform How It Treats LGBTQ Youth

The criminal justice system in New York City is ill equipped to deal with the needs of LGBTQ young people who engage in survival sex, according to a new report from the Urban Institute. Youth cycle through the system, an experience that compounds the difficulties that may initially have led them to have survival sex, said Meredith Dank, lead author of the report and a senior research associate at the institute.Read More

In These Times | 09.29.2015

U.S. Prisons and Jails Are Threatening the Lives of Pregnant Women and Babies

At 5 a.m. on June 12, 2012, lying on a mat in a locked jail cell, without a doctor, Nicole Guerrero gave birth. Guerrero was eight-and-a half months pregnant when she arrived 10 days earlier at Texas’ Wichita County Jail. The medical malpractice lawsuit Guerrero has filed—against the county, the jail’s healthcare contractor, Correctional Healthcare Management, and one of the jail’s nurses, LaDonna Anderson—claims she began experiencing lower back pain, cramps, heavy vaginal discharge and bleeding on June 11.Read More

The New York Times | 09.28.2015

Guarding the Prison Guards: New York State’s Troubled Disciplinary System

A few days after Ramon Fabian arrived at the Ulster Correctional Facility on the southern edge of the Catskill Mountains last year, a guard conducting the morning head count yelled at him to shut up. Inmates at Ulster, a medium-security New York State prison, are required to stay in place and keep their voices low during the count.Read More