“No one is solely the worst thing they have ever done.”

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From The Epoch Times:

“No one is solely the worst thing they have ever done.” — Gabrielle Horowitz-Prisco, Director of Juvenile Justice Project. 

This week The Epoch Times takes a powerful look at New York’s juvenile corrections system, shedding further light on the harsh and often dehumanizing conditions experienced by many of the state’s incarcerated youth. Featuring an interview with Gabrielle Horowitz-Prisco, Director of the CA’s Juvenile Justice Project, the piece explores in particular the rates at which young New Yorkers 16-17 years of age are placed in adult prisons, get remanded to solitary confinement, and are frequently subjected to — or at dangerous risk of) — mistreatment and abuse by both older prisoners and prison guards.

In the article, Horowitz-Prisco underscores the urgency of state officials to review and reform existing youth corrections practices, saying “Children don’t vote or have a lot of spending power. They don’t lobby. They don’t always have advocates for them the way other groups do. But I really think humanity rests on this. The cost of not caring for children is our collective well-being, the fate of a planet, a society, our ability to be happy.”

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