VIDEO: Mothers asking lawmakers to “Raise the Age”

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From CBS News Ch. 6 Albany:

ALBANY–A group of mothers from across the Empire State met in Albany Tuesday, calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other lawmakers to raise the age at which children can be tried as an adult.

They argue it’s a matter of protecting children.

“We protect them in so many other ways, with respect to when we allow them to drive, when we allow them to swim by themselves in a public swimming pool, when we allow them to smoke cigarettes, when we allow them to vote, when we allow them to be drafted or go fight in a war, but the one place we don’t protect them is when it comes to the criminal justice system,” said Soffiyah Elijah.

New York is one of two states where people as young as 16-year- old are automatically tried as adults in the criminal justice system.

Watch the VIDEO here.