Correctional Association statement in support of governor cuomo’s remarks on need for prison downsizing in yesterday’s state of the state speech

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Contact: Communication Department
Correctional Association

Robert Gangi, Executive Director of Correctional Association of New York, released a public statement today expressing the organization’s strong support for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s remarks in his State of the State speech about the urgent need to close empty or emptying adult prisons and juvenile facilities.

“Given the fiscal crisis confronting the state, we expected Governor Cuomo to present a financial rationale for promoting system downsizing or to focus on the issue as emblematic of Albany’s dysfunction. Instead, in effect and very effectively, he emphasized moral concerns, speaking in forceful and impassioned phrases about the ‘violation of civil rights’ of youth confined in state facilities and declaring that the state should not ‘put other people in prison to give some people jobs.’ We have been engaged in these issues for a long time and until yesterday, we had never heard a mainstream politician speak in these terms.”

The Correctional Association promised to lend its full and active support to Governor Cuomo’s upcoming budgetary and legislative proposals aimed at both putting the flesh on the bone of his impressive rhetoric and expeditiously downsizing New York’s wasteful and inefficient adult and juvenile prison systems.