AUDIO: Rally to End Solitary Confinement

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From WBAI:

HALT 7-23-16

Rally to End Solitary in Harlem. Photo NYC Quaker

Outside the New State Office Building in Harlem on a hot summer day, prison reform advocates stand with NYC Quakers.

They oppose solitary confinement and demand an end to the inhumane treatment of inmates.

Right now about 5000 inmates in NY are in the shu. They are in solitary. Some are held for 23 to 24 hours a day. Some have been in solitary for years, sometimes for decades.

Advocates say it’s called solitary, but what it’s really torture.  They came together to speak about a bill in the NYS Senate and NYS Assembly to Halt Solitary.

They also expressed remorse about what happened to Kalief Browder. His brother Akeem says his mom is still grieving and blaming herself for what happened to her sixteen year old boy.

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