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Women in Prison Project

ReConnect Leadership & Advocacy Training Program

The Women in Prison Project (WIPP) believes that currently and formerly incarcerated women should have the opportunity to be active participants and leaders in the fight to change the criminal justice policies that directly affect their lives, and the lives of their families and communities.

ReConnect is WIPP’s leadership and advocacy training program for women recently home from prison or jail. ReConnect provides participants with information, tools and opportunities to strengthen their ability to effectively advocate for themselves and for broader policy change.

Through ReConnect, women learn critical information about their rights and strengthen core skills needed to successfully navigate the barriers they face after incarceration. Women also learn how to use their voice and personal experience to change the laws and policies that negatively affect them and other women in the criminal justice system.

ReConnect participants go on to use their knowledge and skills to achieve their personal goals and advocate for change. Here are some examples of what ReConnect women are doing in the community.

  • Serving as mentors and peer leaders for the ReConnect program.
  • Educating community groups about issues affecting women in prison and jail.
  • Working to help women and men find supportive services after their release from prison and jail.
  • Testifying at legislative hearings and speaking at public forums and to student groups on issues like prison and jail conditions, the impact of trauma on women and substance abuse.
  • Working in coalitions to make sure that New York’s criminal justice system respects the true needs and rights of women.

For more information about ReConnect, please contact Andrea B. Williams, Program Director at (212) 254-5700, extension 338 or awilliams@correctionalassociation.org.

Download a pdf of the Spring 2015 ReConnect Program Newsletter.