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Prison Visiting Project

In-Depth Research

In conjunction with regular monitoring visits, the CA conducts intensive investigations of key, system-wide corrections issues. In-depth research enables the CA to draw attention to and effectively address broad policies and practices—such as medical and mental healthcare for people in prison; the impact of long-term isolation on individuals in disciplinary confinement; and substance abuse treatment services in prison.

Carried out over the course of several years, this in-depth research is informed by expert advisory boards with consultation from professional researchers in developing survey instruments and analyzing data. At the end of each study, the CA publishes a detailed report of findings and recommendations, which form the basis of strategic, long-term advocacy campaigns to reform the state’s policies and practices on a given issue.

Selected In-Depth Research Reports:

Reproductive Injustice: The State of Health Care for Women in New York State Prisons, a 2015 report based on a five-year period of interviews with 950 incarcerated women, 20 visits to prisons housing women in New York, data from over 1,550 surveys, and reviews of medical charts,  reveals a shockingly poor standard of care.

Treatment Behind Bars 2007-2010: Substance Abuse Treatment in New York State Prisons, a comprehensive study of substance abuse treatment in New York’s prisons.

Healthcare in New York State Prisons – 2004-2007, an in-depth report analyzing the quality and consistency of medical care in the State’s correctional facilities.

Mental Health in the House of Corrections (2004)

Lockdown New York: Disciplinary Confinement in New York State Prisons (2003)