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Women in Prison Project

In-depth research

WIPP conducts intensive investigations on key issues related to the effect of criminal justice policy on women and families, such as the impact of domestic violence on women’s incarceration, reproductive health services in prison, and the intersection of child welfare and criminal justice policies. Carried out over the course of several years, this research is informed by expert advisory boards and professional data analysts. At the end of each study, the CA publishes a detailed report of findings and recommendations, which form the basis of strategic, long-term advocacy campaigns to reform the policies and practices.

Select In-Depth Research Reports:

From Protection to Punishment: Post-Conviction Barriers to Justice for Domestic Violence Survivor-Defendants in New York State, an in-depth report that finds domestic violence and women’s incarceration are inextricably linked, and outlines myriad barriers to justice faced by survivors who act to protect themselves from an abuser’s violence.

Women, Incarceration, Reentry and HIV, a comprehensive report finds the majority of incarcerated women living with HIV and HCV or who are at high risk for HIV and HCV eventually return home and resume their various roles in society.

When “Free” Means Losing Your Mother: The Collision of Child Welfare and the Incarceration of Women in New York State, a report highlighting the pernicious effect that incarceration of mothers has on their families and makes recommendations for preserving family ties.

Mandatory Injustice: Case Histories of Women Convicted under New York’s Rockefeller Drug Laws, accounts of incarcerated women serving prison terms under the Rockefeller Drug Laws.