“Strength of a Woman” Documentary Premieres

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Strength of a Woman is a unique and powerful advocacy tool advocates can use to educate policymakers and the public about the impact the criminal justice system can have on women’s lives.

Coalition for Women Prisoners members at event

Members of the Coalition for Women Prisoners Violence Against Women Committee and honorees at the February film premiere


The film was created by the Coalition for Women Prisoners and filmmaker Allison Caviness, with support from the Ms. Foundation for Women.

The 20-minute documentary recounts the experiences, resilience, and strength of three formerly incarcerated domestic violence survivors.

On February 5, with 180 people in attendance, the Correctional Association debuted Strength of a Woman and honored the filmmaker and the three women who shared their experiences in the film. The event was hosted by Columbia Law School and co-sponsored by the National Association of Women Judges and two Columbia student groups: the Criminal Justice Action Network and Amnesty International.

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