Women in Prison Project Launches Prison Health Library Project

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Since its inception in 1991, the Women in Prison Project (WIPP) has advocated for improved healthcare services for incarcerated women. One of the Project’s more recent efforts has been aimed at establishing a women’s health section in all the general libraries at women’s prisons. Most prison libraries contain too few or out-of-date health materials, and the lack of quality information can have grave consequences.

WIPP made a significant breakthrough this past spring when the Department of Correctional Services agreed to expand its women’s health collections if the Project would supply the materials. WIPP and the Coalition for Women Prisoners’ Conditions of Confinement Committee collaborated with experts on women’s health and prison medical services, volunteer librarians, currently and formerly incarcerated women and other advocates to compile a comprehensive list of easily accessible books and pamphlets.

These books, many available in Spanish, will go a long way in empowering women to ask the right questions and to take steps toward building healthy and safe lives for themselves and their families after they are released.

The CA would like to thank board member Barbara Berg for her extraordinary support of this project and all the generous donors who made it possible for WIPP to supply the needed materials.