Welcome, Gabrielle Prisco

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The Correctional Association is very pleased to welcome Gabrielle Prisco as the new Director of our Juvenile Justice Project (JJP). She is a seasoned, skilled and passionate advocate with extensive experience in juvenile justice and child welfare, racial justice, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights. Gabrielle previously served as the Project Manager of the Legal Aid Society’s Juvenile Rights Practice Data Collection and Policy Project. She also worked as a Legal Aid attorney representing children in Family Court, primarily in child abuse and neglect cases, and developed and presented staff trainings on LGBT issues. “Now is a critical time for transformation of the youth justice system,” says Gabrielle.

“The federal Department of Justice’s findings on the routine abuse of children in state-run prisons, the recent media attention on the lack of mental health and educational services for detained and incarcerated youth, and the appointment of reform-minded government officials have created unique opportunities to improve the lives of children, families and communities. I am thrilled to join the Correctional Association and to add my voice to the collective call for justice and dignity for all New Yorkers.”

Gabrielle succeeds Avery Irons, now Director of Youth Justice Programs at the Children’s Defense Fund. “Avery did invaluable work for the CA over the years, guiding and supporting the project and advancing the cause of justice for New York’s young people. She continues to be an exceptional mentor for the youth in our Safe Passages program. We are enormously grateful and wish her the best in her new position,” says CA Executive Director Robert Gangi. “We are certain that Gabrielle’s superb leadership skills and enthusiastic commitment to improving the lives of young people will add significant energy to and aid in the movement to transform the youth justice system.”

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