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“Voices from Attica” – a compilation of twelve powerful narratives of people incarcerated at Attica Correctional Facility in 2014 – paints a picture of endemic staff violence and abuse at this infamous prison.

Bob Shutz photo 1971 AtticaAttica_ Mordor_ Infrared_ 001

The prison walls are designed not only to keep incarcerated people in, but also to keep the public out. The entire institution of prison currently operates in a manner that strips incarcerated people of their autonomy, their agency, their humanity, and their voice. Attica in particular is designed to dehumanize and disempower the men who are incarcerated there. As the Correctional Association of NY has advocated, Attica needs to be closed because of the long history of, and continued infliction of, brutality, violence and abuse.

The movement for that change must be, and is being, led by people most directly impacted by the oppressive prison: the people who are incarcerated at Attica. “Voices from Attica” attempts to do the opposite of the current system of incarceration, and provide a platform for people incarcerated at Attica to let members of the public know about their experiences, insights, and analyses behind the walls. These individuals took substantial risks of facing potential retaliation in order to speak truth to power, reveal the brutality of Attica, and help build a movement toward closing Attica and ending violence and abuse behind the walls.

Check out “Voices from Attica” below, and find out more about current conditions at Attica here. If you are interested in joining a campaign to close Attica and end violence and abuse across state prisons, please contact Scott at spaltrowitz@correctionalassociation.org or 212 254 5700.

Voices From Attica 2014