Tune in for a special radio update on conditions from the Correctional Association

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The Correctional Association is excited to announce that we will now be airing a quarterly radio report to the public about our prison monitoring work and conditions in New York prisons.

Beginning Saturday, August 4th at 11 a.m. EDT, Correctional Association executive director Soffiyah Elijah will be the guest host of On the Count: The Prison and Criminal Justice Report, a weekly hour-long show regularly hosted by Eddie Ellis.

You can tune into WBAI Pacifica Radio at 99.5fm,  or listen on the web at this link: www.wbai.org/listen.php

Future segments of the show will air on the following dates: November 3, 2012, January 12, 2013, April 13, 2013, July 13, 2013, and October 12, 2013.

Soffiyah Elijah in the studio of On the Count

Correctional Association executive director Soffiyah Elijah in the studio of On the Count


We will have a 30-minute live segment during which Elijah will interview a number of Correctional Association staff, criminal justice officials, and others regarding our findings and recommendations.

On the Count can currently be heard in approximately 17 prisons throughout the mid-Hudson region. Plans are underway to have the show broadcast even more widely,  enabling a greater number of people throughout the state, including those who are incarcerated, to listen in.

Elijah’s first guest will be Eddie Rosario, an Associate Director at the Correctional Association’s Prison Visiting Project. Since January 2012, the Prison Visiting Project has visited six facilities (Clinton, Fishkill, Woodbourne, Cape Vincent, Groveland, and Altona) and Rosario will share some highlights and key recommendations based on those visits.

We will be uploading the show after each segment and featuring it here on our website, so don’t forget to check back in.