Taking Back Our Children: A Reader to Foster Dialogue Around Youth Justice Reform

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raising_voices-frontThe CA’s Raise the Age Campaign has partnered with Herstory Writers Workshop, an organization dedicated to using an empathy-based technique of memoir writing to give a place in the cultural and policy-making discourses to those whose stories have been silenced and unsung.

Working with the Campaign, Herstory has created a special folio edition of their book, Taking Back Our Children: A Reader to Foster Dialogue Around Youth Justice Reform, featuring a collection of stories by adolescents writing from jail.

The edition features a forward from Soffiyah Elijah, the CA’s Executive Director and Angelo Pinto, the CA’s Raise the Age Campaign Manager, along with a special section on “raising the age” for all youth and ending the practice of housing children in adult jails and prisons.

The book is a powerful tool that can educate legislators, the public, and the press, and can be used to start a critical dialogue between educators, corrections officers, law enforcement, child welfare agencies, and advocates about the best ways to support children who become involved in the justice system.

For more information about Herstory, or to obtain a copy of the folio edition for your classroom, organization, or personal use, please contact Serena Liguori at sliguori@herstorywriters.org.

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