“Revisiting Attica Shows How New York Failed to Fulfill Promises”

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Today’s article (8/26) in The New York Times, “Revisiting Attica Shows How New York Failed to Fulfill Promises,” provides even further justification for why New York must finally and permanently close Attica C.F. This September marks the 45th anniversary of the rebellion at Attica and its violent suppression by the State. As the article points out, although there has been some minor progress in certain areas within the state’s corrections department, 45 years later the core overarching system of racist brutality and abuse remains at Attica.

For years and decades, the Correctional Association has documented in report after report the pervasive and extreme staff brutality, widespread use of solitary confinement, and overall racist culture and environment of intimidation passed on from generation to generation at this infamous prison. Despite numerous reports, commissions, recommendations, books, and other attention, Attica has not changed. The only way to stop the abuses is to close Attica immediately.

Please join the Correctional Association and other organizations and individuals who are part of Beyond Attica: Close Prisons, Build Communities for an Action to Close Attica on Sept 8 outside the Governor’s NYC office at 12:30 pm (633 Third Ave, at 41st St). Please RSVP for the action here and have your group or organization endorse the action by emailing beyondattica@gmail.com.

Read the full NYT article here.