Lyrics From Lockdown special sneak preview – September 29

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This true story begins when a young man is wrongly imprisoned in New York City, while getting his law degree from Harvard University. With a virtuosic humor, music and lyricism, Lyrics From Lockdown explores traditions of the African diaspora and urban America. Developed in prisons, public schools, and universities across the country, the show has sold-out on three continents and received extraordinary reviews worldwide.

Highlighting the plights of two wrongfully accused young African American men – Nanon Williams, sentenced to death at age 17, and Bryonn Bain, an Ivy League student and victim of callous stereotyping – Lyrics aptly captures the essence of our flawed criminal justice system and draws attention to the insidiousness of criminalizing our youth.

The Correctional Association is honored to collaborate with Bryonn Bain and with the National Black Theatre for the full run of the performance in 2013. Our organization’s new Raise the Age Campaign is focused on challenging and changing a system that prosecutes children as adults.  For 45 years, the National Black Theatre has served as a cultural institution committed to transformation, social change and historical innovation within the African American and Harlem communities. An effective tool for social change, Lyrics From Lockdown enables us to shine a light on the darkest, most hidden injustices and has the power to heal, uplift, transform, and propel us towards action.This partnership effectively links the arts and social activism to stimulate a much-needed dialogue about Raise the Age and bring public awareness to the critical need for constructive change and sweeping reforms of criminal justice practices and larger social policy.

Starting January 25, 2013 performances of Lyrics will take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through March 17, 2013 at the legendary National Black Theatre on 125th Street in Harlem NYC.

Please join the Correctional Association on Saturday, September 29 as we present a special sneak preview performance of Lyrics From Lockdown.



• Tickets for the September 29th sneak preview performance are on sale for $25.00 each, and can be purchased at the National Black Theatre Box office (2031 5th Avenue, Harlem, NYC) or bought securely online.

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