CA Pens Letter to Governor Cuomo Opposing Any Reductions in Prison Visiting

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As a follow up to the Correctional Association of New York’s statement last month critical of reported plans by New York to severely limit the number of visits by family members to incarcerated loved ones in NY state prisons, in early March the CA wrote directly to Governor Andrew Cuomo to express its opposition to the plan.

In the March 6 letter, the CA expresses our concern about the proposed changes, stating, in part, “Visiting promotes institutional safety, supports successful parole and community reintegration, and promotes family relationships and children’s wellbeing. The CA strongly urges you to maintain and expand visiting and related programs that strengthen family and community ties for people in custody of DOCCS.

Visiting promotes the adjustment of individuals to prison, reduces disciplinary infractions, and increases the safety of officers and residents alike. Also, research nationwide, dating back to the 1970’s, shows that visits have a strong, positive impact on parole success.

Therefore, reducing visits would diminish safety inside prisons and would be detrimental to successful parole and community reintegration.”

Read the letter in its entirety here.