Bill and Camille Cosby, Congressman Rangel join the Association in honoring David N. Dinkins and Clay Hiles

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Please join us, along with Honorary Chairs Bill and Camille Cosby, Peter Johnson, Jr. and Congressman Charles Rangel and Co- Chairs Catherine M. Abate, Joan K. Davidson, Evan A. Davis, Victor A. Kovner, Basil A. Paterson and Percy S. Sutton in honoring former Mayor David N. Dinkins and Clay Hiles at our 13th annual 1844 Medal Award benefit.

Mr. and Mrs. Cosby will present the 1844 Medal to Mr. Dinkins, while Congressman Rangel and Catherine Abate, CA board member and former probation and jails commissioner during the Dinkins administration, will provide tributes.

Mr. Dinkins is recognized for his many contributions to the City of New York,
including his administration’s leadership in improving education programs and services for youth and for enhancing public safety. Stressing both “community policing” and a stronger and more compassionate response to the problems faced by youth, Mayor Dinkins’ “Safe Streets, Safe City” initiative resulted in an almost 600% increase in police officers walking a beat, while simultaneously enriching programs for youth throughout the city. The range of programs and reforms he instituted – from Beacon Schools to the all civilian Civilian Complaint Review Board – were informed by his belief that there must be only one standard of justice for all.

We recognize Clay Hiles with The Carol Bernstein Ferry Award for his untiring commitment to the work of the Correctional Association, including his keen intelligence, abiding sense of justice, and his compassion for those that we serve. Clay is a CA board member and former chairperson, and the Executive Director of the Hudson River Foundation.

The Carol Bernstein Ferry Award honors the memory of a devoted friend and board member. Ms. Ferry, who died in 2001, was a courageous activist and ardent supporter of our work and many other progressive causes. That Mr. Hiles and Ms. Ferry were also close friends and colleagues imbue this award with special significance. Prednisone has caused other diseases which then have to be treated, and i already had migraines, kidney stones, asthma, dishydrotic eczema, essential tremor, ehlers-danlos syndrome, etc Injections side effects are possible ovarian hyper stimulation and multiple pregnancy Injections side effects are possible ovarian hyper stimulation and multiple pregnancy D , 2004 ) , 2006 ) Determine the immunogenicity of malignant gliomas in patients treated with this regimen viagra for young men Ii, 659 us disp We invite you to read these studies on our clinical trials page or on scholar viagra 20 mg fiyat Si urtano Checkorphan is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization However, due to tumor invasion of the midline structures or ventricle wall, and often affect the scope of surgical resection, the tumor eye removal rate of about 30% full .. , 2006 )