10th Annual Coalition for Women Prisoners’ Advocacy Day

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On March 9th, the Coalition for Women Prisoners, a statewide alliance coordinated by the CA’s Women in Prison Project, held its 10th annual Advocacy Day in Albany. Nearly 200 formerly incarcerated women and advocates–more than twice the number who participated last year–met with over 100 state legislators and their staff. The clear message of the day: Our government should stop spending millions of dollars on incarcerating women and start sending more women to less costly community-based alternative programs that allow people convicted of crimes to stay connected to their families, while addressing the underlying issues that led to their incarceration.

This year, for the first time, the Coalition presented two awards. Renee Davis, Administrative Assistant at Break the Chains, presented the Advocate for Justice Award to Jeffrion Aubry, Chair of the Assembly’s Committee on Corrections, in recognition of his commitment to improving New York’s criminal justice system as it affects women convicted of crimes, and for his continued support of the Coalition’s work. Our Lifting As We Climb Award was presented to Vivian Nixon, then-lead organizer for the College and Community Fellowship and founder of Re-Enter Grace Ministries, in recognition of her exemplary work as an advocate, her successful transition back to her community, and her dedication to improving the lives of formerly incarcerated women. Senator Velmanette Montgomery, ranking Democrat on the Senate’s Children and Families Committee and member of the Crime Victims, Crime and Correction Committee, presented the award to Ms. Nixon.

A huge thank you to everyone who put in such hard work organizing the Coalition’s powerful and moving event.

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